Canon is an eminent Japanese multinational corporation with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The company is best known for producing efficient products like optical, imaging, and industrial products. The products include lenses, medical equipment, cameras, scanners, printers, and more. The Canon PIXMA TS3122 is a wireless printer perfect for home use and office use. The printer is compact, affordable, and satisfactorily fulfills printing needs while providing the best results. This printer supports XL ink cartridges, which further helps users utilize the printer and print for more prolonged durations between changing the ink cartridges. The printer overall is a good investment and offers multiple advantages.

Furthermore, the printer supports AirPrint and Google Cloud Print so users can print wirelessly from their smartphones. Users may often encounter problems while setting up the printer wirelessly. Fortunately, you can find the steps on how do I connect my Canon Printer TS3122 WiFi in this blog.


The wireless setup for any particular printer is simple as long as proper steps are provided. A user, who may not have prior knowledge of the same, can encounter complications while setting up their printer. Fortunately, you can find the instructions on the complete Canon TS3122 wireless setup in this blog. Please note that there are two prime ways for the wireless configuration of your printer. Carefully follow the steps in the same order as mentioned below for a successful wireless setup.

Method 1: Easy Wireless Connect (Direct Method)

The first method is to connect your Canon printer to the WiFi through the easy wireless connect option. This method is also called the Direct Method option. You must use this method specifically if you do not have the WPS button on your router.

  • First and foremost, turn on your Canon Pixma TS3122 printer if it isn’t already on
  • Next, press the Stop button on your printer if you can witness a green light blinking on your printer
  • Press and hold the Direct button for about 3 seconds once the green light becomes stagnant instead of flickering/blinking
  • A wireless icon should flash on your printer’s digital screen when you release the direct button, which indicates that the printer is searching for a network connection
  • The next step is to move to your computer and open your preferred internet browser
  • Navigate to Canon’s official webpage and search for Canon PIXMA TS3122 driver by inserting the model name, number, and your computer’s operating system
  • Download and install the driver when you find it on your computer; this will enable the computer to communicate with your printer and send print commands that the printer understands
  • Once it installs, please click on the Start Setup to initiate the setup wizard
  • Please note that the installation may take a few minutes to complete; please be patient meanwhile
  • Next, choose the region of your residence and click on next
  • Choose the Deactivate the block option when it asks for firewall settings
  • The Check connection method screen should appear on your screen now; you will see your printer and WiFi name – please select yes when you see the option
  • Insert the password for the WiFi and click on Next

After implementing the steps mentioned above, your Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup will finish. You can now use the wireless function of your printer and relish the printer.

Method 2: WiFi Protected Setup Button (WPS Button)

The second method for your Canon TS3122 printer wireless setup is through the WiFi protected setup button. If your router has the WPS option on it, you can use this method to complete the wireless setup effectively. Please follow the steps on how do I connect my Canon Printer TS3122 WiFi using the WPS button method as mentioned below.

  • First and foremost, ensure that your printer is on and functional
  • Please press the Stop button on the printer if you can see a green light blinking
  • Please wait until the green light becomes stagnant; press the Network button on the printer panel when it becomes solid
  • Wait till you see a wireless icon blink on the printer’s small digital screen
  • Next, locate the WPS button on the printer and press it for about a couple of seconds when you find it
  • The WPS light should start blinking on your router instantly
  • The printer should automatically connect to your router; ensure the connection by checking the wireless icon with signals on your printer’s digital screen
  • If you cannot see the icon, it indicates that the link was unsuccessful
  • Move to your computer next and open a web browser
  • Go to Canon’s official webpage and insert the printer’s model name, number, and your computer’s operating systems details
  • Choose the region of residence and click next, followed by selecting the Deactivate the block option when it asks for the firewall settings
  • When you see the check connection method screen, please locate your printer and the WiFi name and press Yes

After implementing the steps mentioned above, the Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup should complete. The wireless setup enables the users to utilize and relish the wireless function of the printer significantly since it adds to users’ convenience when it comes to printing several documents. Furthermore, it is essential for you to know that users often encounter issues while setting up their printer. Now the problems may vary, but most solutions are common. One of the most common reasons for these problems is incorrect or invalid setup, and you can resolve it by carefully and correctly following the instructions mentioned in this blog.