If you imagined yourself as a doctor from early childhood, and after a couple of decades opened your own clinic, then you are lucky. You have managed to “save yourself” and the ability to do what you really like.

However, in most cases, reaching adulthood, young people lose a thread with their “I” and begin to search for more profitable, prestigious, and satisfying professions.

If you want to reconnect with yourself and live a happy and joyful life, start by choosing your occupation. It is important for every woman to do what she really likes.

Very often, the happiness of a woman is associated with the presence in her life of a particular person or thing, and the only later she begins to understand that it is the beloved work, that can become salvation from depressions, loneliness, which will not allow you to plunge into the routine, improve family relationships, give joy and fullness of life.

When you are shining from the inside, you create an attraction around yourself, the space around you is constantly changing, you are focused on building up, improving your life, and this always has a positive effect on relationships with others. Your skills and experience, unlike people, always remain with you and allow you to establish new connections, provide an influx of new opportunities, keep your self-esteem at a height, and are the main guide for the future.

It’s enough to make three simple steps, in order to do what you really like.

  1. Write out everything you like to do, i.e. classes that you are ready to deal with every day. Write as much as possible, sincerely and honestly: to communicate, to look for information, to write, to play the guitar, to knit, to sew, to sculpt … It is important to experience these activities not only at the level of the words of likeness but physically – with the body. It is a good sign if mentioning a certain activity, your mood improves, perhaps, there appears warmth, energy, thirst for action in the body. If you’ve seen some kind of occupation only from the outside, then try to work on this job for at least a few days. It is important to experience it not only in your imagination but also physically.
  2. Examine yourself. Do this as objectively as possible. Do not try to drop to self-criticism and self-interest. Describe how you look, what kind of work you like, what skills you have, what your teachers have been saying about you, what hopes you had. Look closely, at which area of ​​your daily activity you are most praised, what you can do better than others. Evaluate your opportunities in terms of geographical location. Consider your habits, for example, go to bed early or get up late, etc. Age is a purely personal indicator. You can come to success in 14 years, and you can start a career in 60. Everything depends on your inner thirst for life and the desire to “be useful to people.”
  3. Determine who you are and what you are. This is the most important step. You know what you like to do, you know what abilities and skills you have for this, now you need to give yourself a favor. Describe yourself as a unique employee, which will be huge luck. For example vigilant, eternally vigorous dispatcher, sharp-sighted nanny.

Work on the appearance, use some details in clothes, that will make you recognizable. However, do not overdo: green hair in the corridors of the law office will be clearly superfluous.

Observe the directions of interest to you: what are the requirements, who are they looking for. Gather “helpers” around yourself who can spread the information you need. If there are friends who have access to the desired place, make an arrangement with them. Self-presentation is less effective than stories or rumors told about you through third parties.

Get a blog. Your successes and achievements should be open to the public. React to the interest shown to you. Meet when you are ready to meet and interested in communication.

In addition, remember that finding a job that satisfies you, does not have an endpoint. In the course of your life, you will often return to the question “what to do?”, and your interests and desires will change. Most importantly, learn to easily move to a new level and not to be afraid of changes. Every woman needs a job that satisfies her according to all the aspects, to be happy and prosperous.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is not an ordinary writer. She is a strong woman, who can cope with any task. She possesses a lot of knowledge and she is always ready to share them with you. Check for her posts at http://livecustomwriting.com/