Hello friends, today we are telling you about how to increase eyesight, if you or any other person has less vision, then it can be very dangerous for every person and many effective home methods to get rid of low light. By adopting which you can sharpen your eyesight, for this you should read our complete article so that you can get complete information.

Children who study more or watch mobile and TV more or any older person who has trouble seeing or they have to wear glasses, they can make their eyesight very sharp in this way and we will tell you If you follow the methods which are being told, then you will start seeing the near and far things very clearly.

How To Increase Eyesight

There are many ways to increase eyesight, by adopting which you can increase your eyesight and for this, you have to keep some things in mind and you should read these home remedies given by us carefully and in the way given by them. Use it so that you can easily increase your light.

Using Almonds

If your eyesight is weak or there is a problem like burning in the eyes and watery eyes, then in such a situation you can use almonds, it will be very beneficial for you, for this, you have to soak some almonds in water at night. After that, drink that almond with milk in the morning and you do this every day, due to which your light will get brighter as well as your brain will be very sharp.

Using Mustard Oil

We use mustard oil in the form of edible oil and you can also use it to brighten up your light, for this, you should massage mustard oil on the soles of your feet every night while sleeping, this will improve your eyesight. It becomes very fast and the number of glasses also come off from your eyes.

Using Gooseberry

To increase eyesight, you should wash your eyes with water by taking gooseberry, it makes your eyesight sharp and if you want, you can also put rose water in your eyes, it is also very beneficial for your eyes and it cools the eyes. Is.

Use Of Almond, Fennel, And Sugar Candy

If you want to sharpen your eyesight in a short time, then for this you have to take the almond kernel and big fennel and sugar candy in equal quantity, after that you make a mixture and consume it daily with a spoonful of milk. Due to this, the light of your eyes will gradually start getting very bright.

Salad With Food

If you want good health, then for this you should consume salad with food every day, as this keeps your health good, your eyes are also very good and by consuming salad daily, your eyesight increases.


This is also a very good and effective way, with the help of which you can increase your light, for this you have to rub both your palms together and after that, you keep your palm above the eyes, you should do this four to five times a day. You have to do this, your eyesight will start getting brighter soon and you will also start seeing its benefits in a few days.

Use Of Alum

You can also use alum to increase your light, it increases the light of your eyes very fast, for this, you have to mix 100 grams of rose water by roasting alum pieces like gram, after that two to three drops of it while sleeping. If you put it in your eyes, your eyesight will start getting brighter.

Put Stale Spit In The Eyes

This is considered to be an ancient and very effective method, with the help of this you can increase your light in just 6 months, for this you should wake up every morning without rinsing your stale sputum with the help of a finger and apply it in the eyes. If you do this continuously for a month, then your light becomes very bright and if you have any kind of eyes, then they also come off.

If you adopt the methods we have told you, then your eyesight will start increasing very fast and if you are thinking of seeing a doctor, then you can also show it to the doctor, and the need to see a doctor would have been more at that time. It is when your numbers are increasing continuously, then in such a situation, you can get your eyes treated.