Aadhar card is the most important document for us in today’s date. AThe Aadhar card is issued by a unique identity agency in India. It is very important to have an Aadhar card to take advantage of all government schemes from banks. Aadhar card is also made for children. It is different from the common Aadhar card. Aadhar cards can be made for children up to five years of age.

However, the rules for making it are slightly different. In today’s time, an Aadhar card is required even during admission to schools. So let’s know what are the rules for making Aadhar cards for children up to five years of age.

The rules for making the Aadhar card for children are somewhat different from the common man. For example, biometric data of children below the age of five years is not taken. Instead, the Aadhaar card of the children is made on the basis of demographic information and photographs of the parents of the children.

Children have to enter their biometric data as soon as they complete it five years after the Aadhaar card is generated. However, there is a condition that the parents must be enrolled before the children are registered in the Aadhaar list.

If none of the parents have enrolled at the time of registration of the children. So he is not an Aadhar cardholder. In this case, the Aadhar card of the children cannot be made. The enrollment of a parent is mandatory for the child’s Aadhaar.