Blogging is a great way to earn money. Many people are also making money from blogs. You are reading this artistical, that means you also want to earn money from the blog? Is not it?

Maybe you are about to start blogging but you do not understand how to earn money from a blog. Or maybe you have already created a blog and want to know how to earn money from the blog.

This article can help anyone who wants to earn money from a blog. If you want to make a career in blogging then you must also read this article.

How to earn money from a blog? [Top 9 ways]

Let’s talk first about how to earn money from a blog. You can earn from your blog by using many different methods. The following 9 methods have been explained with which you can earn good money.

  1. Make Money from Adsense Advertising

Earning money by placing advertisements on blogs is a very common and easy way. Most bloggers use Adsense to earn money from advertising.

AdSense is an advertisement platform of Google where you can register your website or blog. After getting Adsense approval, you put some codes on your blog and after that, the visitors who see your blog start seeing advertisements.

Whenever a person comes to your blog and clicks on an advertisement, you get his money. You can see information on how many people saw the advertisement and how many clicks were made on your AdSense account.

  1. Can Make Money With Direct Ads

If you use Adsense, then you do not have complete control over the advertisements appearing on your blog. Google shows automatic ads according to the content and audience of your blog. And the earnings on that also depend on many things.

But if you place direct ads or private ads on your blog and deal directly with an advertiser at a fixed rate, then you can earn good money. And the entire income from this will be yours, you will not have to pay a share to any third party.

But this work is not as easy as Adsense, for this you will have to work hard. You will have to prospect, find people who are ready to place advertisements on your site. And for this, you also have to convince them that they will benefit from the advertisement.

  1. Earn money from sponsorship

If your blog is very popular, you have traffic, people like your content and are connected to your blog. You can make good money from sponsorship.

Sponsorship means you can publish by writing a post about the product/service of a company and in return take money from that company.

There are a few things to keep in mind to get sponsorship:

Contact us / Sponsor page should be put in your blog so that people can contact you.

Publish good quality content.

You can contact them for sponsorship by searching related brands from your blog niche.

If you have good followers on social media too, then tell the company about this and he can promote the product on social media as well.

  1. Earn money by writing Paid Review

The term “Paid Review” seems to be negative in itself, but if you have used a product or service and you like it, then there is nothing wrong with writing a review about it.

You can talk to the company relevant to your niche to review their product and charge money in return.

While writing the review, keep in mind that your information should be correct, be loyal to your audience and do not give them wrong information.

  1. Do Affiliate Marketing

After Adsense, Affiliate marketing is a very popular method to earn money from a blog. But there is a big difference between making money from ads and making money from affiliates.

Where you earn a little money according to per click in AdSense, you can earn a good commission in a single sale from affiliate marketing. So these days the way to earn money from this blog is becoming very popular.

For this, you have to join the affiliate network and after choosing the product from there, you have to insert its affiliate link inside your content. When someone purchases that product through your link, you get a few percent commission.

  1. Can sell own product

The way you can sell eBooks, in the same way, you can also sell your own physical products through your blog. If you want, you can create an online store in your blog using the Woocommerce plugin.

  1. Make Money Selling Your Own eBook

If you have good knowledge about a topic or you can teach people something, then you can convert that information into an Ebook. Set a price for that ebook and promote it in your blog post. When people buy that book, you can earn even better money than that.

The best thing about selling an eBook is that you do not have to spend some money to make it and almost all of your earnings are from it.

  1. You can earn by creating your own Online Course

Can you teach people online? Can you make video courses? If yes, then you must use this best way to earn money.

You can easily convert your WordPress blog into an online teaching platform using plugins like LearnDash.

  1. Can start freelancing service

Freelancing online is a very popular way of earning. A freelancer can earn good money sitting at home. A freelancer is one who works with online projects and takes payment from the client on completion of the work.

Most freelancers have problems finding work. For this, they have to attract clients. Although there are many freelancing websites for this, but you can also use your blog for this work.

You can increase your credibility and attract clients by sharing quality content, your knowledge, experience, etc. on your blog.