The sunny days are well and truly settled, so it’s time to swap your ski goggles for a pair of sunglasses. UV rays can be very dangerous for the eyes and cause cataracts, AMD, or even ophthalmia. This is why it is essential to make the right choice when making your purchase.

Type of lens: essential for the choice of sunglasses

The first thing to look at when choosing your best sunglasses for men or women’s sunglasses is the type of lens. Two elements are therefore important: the CE marking and the category of protection which ranges from 0 to 4. Sunglasses should filter 100% of UV and reduce visible (solar) light for more comfort. Thus, a glass of a dark shade is not necessarily a guarantee of protection. To make sure that you choose effective sunglasses, you need to rely on the category of protection.

As a rule, category 3 is sufficient. However, your sensitivity to light but also the use you will make of your men’s or women’s sunglasses will allow you to find the appropriate category.

Why opt for sunglasses with polarized lenses?

Choosing best sunglasses with polarized lenses prevents you from being dazzled when the light rays reflect off a flat surface such as a road, pavement, snow or sea. Composed of microscopic crystals, the polarizing filter of these polarized sunglasses forms a barrier that prevents reflected light from entering inside the eye. Contrasts and colours are then improved for better visual comfort, which allows for increased visual clarity and reduced eye fatigue. If you are sporty or athletic and you are wondering how to choose your sunglasses for women or men, models equipped with this type of lens will be your preference.

Choose comfortable sunglasses with photochromic lenses 

For even more comfort, the photochromic lenses adjust to the brightness. Their hue will become lighter if you are in a dark environment, and then darker when subjected to ultraviolet light. This type of glass can be recommended for people practising mountain biking. They quickly alternate the passages between shaded and bright areas.

Choose the frame of your sunglasses?

At the level of the frame, it is preferable to wear your choice towards a frame of UV protective glasses large enough to cover the eye and the eyelid, while wrapping the sides. The wide branches thus prevent the passage of rays on the sides but also above and below. There is a strong vibration, which is common in the mountains or at sea. If you want to know how to choose your sunglasses, man or woman, know that the design of these sunglasses is generally unisex. So you won’t find any big differences between the models.

Colour of sunglasses lenses: each is useful

The last criterion to take into account when choosing your affordable glasses is the colour of the lenses. Indeed, this will affect your vision and the rendering of what you observe:

Sunglasses with green lenses: colours and contrasts are respected;

Sunglasses with brown lenses: contrasts are improved and glare reduced;

Sunglasses with yellow lenses: contrasts are considerably amplified and glare reduced;

Sunglasses with grey lenses: the light intensity is reduced and the colours unified, without being distorted.

Conclusion: In general, for hiking or winter sports (mountain), it is advisable to choose sports sunglasses with brown or dark brown lenses. For summer boating and sliding activities, sunglasses with grey or brown lenses will be perfect. Finally, for cycling or ski-wheeling, it is preferable to opt for sunglasses with yellow-green lenses.