We do understand that technical terms like funnel stages with the right influencer pick can confuse many. Few brands and businesses are aware of it. Suppose you are planning to help influencers or assign your marketing project to Top Influencer Marketing Companies. In that case, it is essential to know a bit about influencer marketing and funnel aspects.

In this blog, let’s talk deeply about the right type of influencers with different funnel stages for better business growth and brand awareness.

The Types of Funnel Marketing Stages:

Well, three different types of funnel marketing stages play a crucial role in influencer marketing strategies. Thus helping businesses and brands to have more leads and revenue. The marketing funnel stages are mentioned below-

  1. Awareness Stage: In this, brands and businesses use numerous marketing campaigns, direct mail, brand mentions, etc., to attract more audience. This is done with good research on market feeds, audience engagement in the type of content, and market behavior. Indeed awareness marketing funnel stage is powerful and impactful to build brand awareness among users.
  2. Consideration Stage: In this, generated leads are turned to be as highly qualified leads and customers. In this, brands and businesses help users online with address information to have consumers for the wise and right decisions. It is important to build clientage and consumers.
  3. Conversion Stage: When a business or brand reaches this final conversion funnel stage, it means it stands out from others. This influencer marketing makes the brand better than others in competition with same, thus helping clients with excellent punching requirement for purchase. In this, businesses and brands ultimately tell about the products, quality, unique features, and service effectiveness.

The Types of Influencers:

On Best Platform For Influencers, brands and businesses can find different types of the influencer. However, picking the right one for their business needs can be challenging. Let’s conclude what type of influencers are there.

  1. Nano Influencer- with the following base of 1,000 to 10,000. These are best and easy to approach by business and brand. Moreover cost-efficient, more dedicated. The demerit is lack of experience and limit reach.
  2. Micro-Influencer- Exists with followers in between 10,000 to 50,000. One of the expert influencer you can find on Best Platforms For Influencer like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. They are more responsive and committed to meet their individual growth and brand promotion simultaneously.
  3. Mid-tier Influencers: Comers with followers between 50,000 to 500,000. They are professional, with a good follower ratio on social media channels. Even are passionate and dedicated.
  4. Macro Influencers: Ensures followers between 500,000 to 1 million. So what well recognized social media faces and personalities. Such influencers are professional, with vast followers, and pricy to be hired by startup planners and new brands.
  5. Mega Influencers: those with the following base from 1 million+. These generally are celebrities or popular social media personalities. Precisely many Top Influencer Companies do work with mega influencers. They are A-lister names to endorse big brands and business banners.


It is important to search for influencers according to your budget. You need to be specific with your brand or business before hiring any influencer. If you can manage high marketing expenses, then good is to go for Top Influencer Marketing Companies, but if running for a budget-friendly option, broaden your search on Best Platforms For Influencers to meet your business needs.