If you are also troubled by the problem of computer hanging again and again, then definitely try these tips.

Everyone is doing work form home at this time. During this, they are also facing many problems because facilities like office are not available at home. Some tension persists. Like sometimes the net is not working properly, sometimes the computer or laptop hangs. Although, we have to face these problems sometimes in the office too, but with the help of IT cell, these problems are solved in a pinch. But it is difficult to deal with them at home. Especially when the computer hangs repeatedly, the work gets interrupted.

If your system is new then it does not have much problem, it runs perfectly, but as soon as it is old, so many problems start coming in it. So it is important that you keep checking your computer or laptop from time to time to maintain it. The biggest problem that comes with a computer or laptop is to hang. So let us tell you today how to get rid of this problem. Along with this, we will also tell you some tips by following which you can maintain your computer. But before that it is important to know why your system computer or laptop hangs?

Due to the hang of the computer or laptop?

There is no concrete reason for the system to hang because every system is different, the way of using it is different. Someone’s hardware, someone’s software can be bad. So it is important that the version of the system is updated from time to time.

  • Opening multiple programs at the same time while working on the computer can also cause the computer to hang.
  • Out of date version of the system or any other software.
  • Most importantly, even if your computer’s RAM is low, the problem of hanging can occur.

Tips to deal with the problem of hanging

You can deal with the problem of system hanging in many ways, for this we are telling you some tips which you can try by following.

Keep Servicing The Computer

Many times it happens that due to dirt, the fan of the power supply of the computer gets jammed and it starts heating up. Due to this many problems start coming, such as hanging or frequent computer shutdown etc. So it is important to have regular service of the computer.

Delete Disk Storage

Sometimes while working, it is not noticed that the disk storage of the system is full. So you keep cleaning your disk storage from time to time, otherwise the system will hang.

Clean The Recycle Bin

Our system has a recycle bin which contains all the things that we have deleted because the data you delete is not deleted in reality. That’s why it’s important to regularly delete your system’s Recycle Bin.

Using a good brand UPS

Computer should work properly UPS should be of good company. The UPS of a useless company gets damaged quickly and also hangs the laptop or computer. So replace the UPS if necessary.

Do not open too many software or programs

While doing office work, you must have open many programs simultaneously, then the system will become very slow or hang. This happens because when you open a lot of software or programs at once, the system’s RAM gets loaded and it can’t work properly. That’s why you should not open too many software at once.

Not Using Antivirus

It is very important to keep the CPU or PC of the system healthy and antivirus does the job of keeping it healthy. Because when you use the internet, many files get downloaded automatically and our system hangs. But antivirus prevents this from happening and prevents the system from hanging. Therefore, you must also get a good quality antivirus installed in your system.

Other Tips

  • Clear browser history and cache regularly.
  • Use a good or original window.
  • Do not use the system for a long time.
  • Check that there is nothing wrong with your system.

You can follow the above-mentioned tips, if your system hangs even after doing these things, then understand that its life is the same.