In today’s world of technological advancement, each individual is familiar with various applications, software, webpages, and more. Each software or program offers a different service, which is why individuals have multiple accounts. There is no doubt that users are likely to forget their passwords – since they already have plenty of accounts for different services. Now, applications like Password Keeper store your passwords for you, but most users don’t prefer using them. Due to the advancement in technology, changing or resetting your password after you’ve forgotten them is possible. We have curated this blog to help you guide through the process of password recovery if you forgot your AOL password.


You can perform the password recovery process using a web browser (laptop or desktop), iPhone, or Android device. You will find the steps for all devices in this blog.


Please follow the instructions mentioned below to change AOL password using your web browser on your computer or laptop.

  • Open AOL mail on your web browser and log in using your current password
  • When the page opens, click on your name placed at the top-right of the screen to open the account information screen
  • On your left is a panel of options – select Account Security from this panel
  • Right under the Account Security heading is the How you sign in option, click on it and further choose Change password
  • You will require signing up again and passing a test to prove that you’re not a robot
  • Lastly, please insert your new password in the new password column; it evaluates your password’s strength, so ensure that it is vital to avoid hacking your account
  • Once you are sure about your password, click on Continue
  • Click on Continue when it shows the success screen, and now you can log in using your new password


The steps above are applicable if you know your current password and only wish to change it. The steps

below apply if you forgot AOL password and want to reset or recover it.

  • Go to AOL’s official sign-in page
  • Enter your username and click on Next
  • Click on Forgot password placed right under the login column
  • You will require passing the security method that you have previously set for your account
  • You may receive a security code to your alternate email address or phone number – you need to insert this security code in its column
  • The last step to recover AOL password is to insert your new password and click on Save


The majority of users use AOL mail on their iPhone and may require changing their password. Below are the instructions to change the AOL password on your iPhone.

  • Open the AOL mail application on your iPhone and tap on the Menu button located at the top-left corner of the screen
  • Select Settings & Privacy from the menu and further select Manage Accounts at the top
  • Tap on the Account Info for the account that you want to change the password for
  • Next, select Security settings and choose Change password
  • Lastly, enter the new password and tap Continue


If you forgot AOL password and need to recover it to gain a sign-in into your account, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the AOL sign-in helper page on your iPhone
  • Enter your email address in the login column and click on Continue
  • You will receive a security code that you will require entering in its designated column
  • You can choose to receive this security code on your phone or alternate email
  • You will also need to complete the security methods set up for your account to reset AOL password 
  • After following all on-screen instructions, you can reset your password and save a new password


To change AOL password on your Android device, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the AOL application on your Android smartphone
  • Tap on the menu located at the top-left corner of the screen
  • Choose Settings & Privacy from the menu and then select Manage Accounts
  • Tap on Account info & choose the account you want to change the password for
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to reset AOL password
  • Finally, insert your new password and press Continue


If you forgot AOL password and need to recover it, please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the AOL sign-in page on your Android device
  • First, enter your email address and tap on Continue
  • Tap on Forgot Password next
  • Choose one of the passwords to reset options; you can either have a code sent to your phone number or a recover email with a link to recover AOL password
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after you select one of the two methods
  • Please enter your new password and enter it again to confirm
  • Lastly, tap on Save changes


You will learn how you can change your AOL password if you already know your existing password. You will also learn how you can recover or reset your password if you have forgotten your password. All these processes are accessible using your laptop, desktop, Android smartphone, and iPhone. Instructions for each device are mentioned in this blog. If you need more information on related topics, please visit our other blogs. We provide a guide for such processes, so it is easier for you to perform.