To find a persisting grease stain on a tablecloth or one of your favourite shirts even after launder is disheartening and just looking at that black blotch is punishment enough. One of the most common mistakes most of us do is drying a stain on cloth or linen in a heat-producing dryer only to set it deeper thereby cleaning it is far more tedious.

Don’t lose hope as a grease-fighting laundry hero is in everyone’s home; we just need to dig a little deeper. Carefully read the washing symbols to proceed in the right way from the very beginning. Upon discovering the grease stain after the washed and dried laundry, dealing with it is a bit challenging but nothing impossible. Check out the steps below and learn how to remove grease stains from clothes!

  1. Start by reading the wash-care symbol or instructions before tackling the stain on any garment. In case it’s dry-cleaned only or some other limitations such as “mild or “hand wash, it’s better not to be hasty.
  2. Just drench the grease stain with warm water; not boiling hot and squirt a few drops of dish soap directly on the spot.
  3. Industrial dish soaps have the tendency to breakdown the grease so it’ll definitely work but be extra careful not to treat the entire garment.
  4. Gently grab the fabric from both sides of the stain and softly rub the material against its fibres thus working the soap into a lather. Don’t forget wearing rubber gloves as industrial dish soaps may harm the sensitive skin!
  5. Now, set the garment aside for an hour or two before wiping most of the soap using a paper towel.
  6. Next step is to launder the item either in hot or cold water depending on the washing instructions. Dump the usual laundry detergent in the wash cycle and treat it well.
  7. Allow the cloth to dry in air and natural sunlight. Don’t make that same mistake of putting it in the dryer as the heat would only set the blotch further in only if it persists!
  8. Inspect the garment carefully for the stain and if some of the grease blotches still remains, repeat the above process or follow the other details listed below.
  9. Wet the grease stain and pour hair shampoo directly on it. Rub the fabric gently and let the shampoo sit on the stain for more or less 30 minutes. Now, rinse off the shampoo and stain with cold water.
  10. Apply a pre-treatment solution on the grease and work it deep into the fibres. Also, let it sit for 30 minutes that’ll break it down.
  11. Rinse the items and see if the grease mark has been completely removed. Just in case it doesn’t, dunk the garment in hottest-possible water (only if the wash care symbol says so) and use heavy-duty laundry detergent.


More fragile garments must be taken to a professional dry cleaning service instead of experimenting on it, however; the above steps have been carefully tested by the experts to answer your question as to how to remove grease stains from clothes.