If you dropped your iPhone in the pool while having fun and now regretting it. Don’t worry and visit ifixed today only it is the mobile repair company in England. iPhones face many problems when they are exposed to a significant amount of water. You can visit ifixed as it provides Best Mobile Phone Service in Welwyn Garden City. The damage caused by the liquid to your iPhone is many times unpredictable. Sometimes the phone might not turn on or you may lose your data including photos and videos, so there is a list of problems one can face. There are two ways you can fix the iPhone by yourself by some tricks that you will be provided by this blog or visit the mobile Phone Repair Centre in England that is ifixed service center.

How to know if your iPhone is damaged or not?

Noticing the damage on the iPhone is very easy. You can easily see the water damage indicator. The place of the indicator varies with the model, such as for iPhone 4 and 4s model it is present in the charging port, for iPhone 5,6 and 7 series it is mostly present in the sim card tray slot.

What to do first if your iPhone is damaged by water?

Just you need is not to panic and follow the following tricks that would your phone to recover:

  • One can try drying the phone by excluding out all the excess amounts of water by rubbing gently with the towel or you can gently shake it to remove the water in the socket and the port of the iPhone.
  • Never try to charge your iPhone in this condition. It might worsen your condition of the phone. A short circuit might happen that would permanently damage the iPhone.
  • If your phone is ON or is in sleep mode immediately turn it off and let it dry for at least 2 days.
  • One most important point is to remove your SIM, to avoid damage to key components and clean it with
  • You can try drying with the help of silica gel packets as it is one of the most efficient methods. It absorbs the moisture simply incoming contact with the phone body. Apply the silica gel packets over and under your iPhone. Let it remain for a few hours.
  • One method is keeping the phone in the vacuum bag. This method is used when the water is stuck in places where it is difficult to clean it.
  • Place your iPhone in uncooked rice.
  • Try drying with a blow-drier but ensure that the blower is at low power kept at a certain distance from the phone.

What not do in this situation?

  • Never touch any of the buttons when your iPhone is wet.
  • To avoid short circuits, do not try charging your phone or don’t try to turn it on.
  • Do not use a hairdryer in full power as it might affect the phone parts.
  • You can place your phone in raw rice but sometimes it comes with the risk of foreign particles entering your phone.


If none of the above things work you need to do is visit any mobile repairing shop such as ifixed. You can also dismantle it and let it dry for a few hours. You can also visit the iPhone Repair Service Centre, but visiting ifixed is much recommended as it gives reasonable offers.

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