Sometimes we want to share our favourite photos from our last trip, night out with friends, weekend parties, etc. It is challenging to send images manually to everyone. There is a solution, that is iCloud shared photo library.

What is the iCloud and iCloud shared photo library?

iCloud is the service from Apple that automatically helps to securely store your photos, files, notes, passwords and other data in the cloud, keeping itup to date across all your devices. It also makes it easy to share photos, files, and notes with family and friends.

The iCloud shared photo library is where you can share all your pictures and memories with your family. You can select the concerned person to share photos. You can  photos and videos with five more people. Each person in the library can add, edit, favourite, caption and even delete if it is their photo library. Everyone has the same permission, and there is no limitation. You can share up to 200 albums and around 5000 photos and videos in an album.

How does iCloud shared album work?

Must share photos through that album to be visible to others. You can choose the images you want to add to the Shared Library from your iCloud Photo Library. It includes sharing all photos and videos by person or date or manually selected photos. Before sharing everything, you can preview the content you have added to the library.

Steps to set up an iCloud shared photo library :

1. Open Settings, then select Photos.

2. Click on Shared Library to turn it on.

3. You will see an iCloud Shared Photo Library screen. Tap Start Setup.

4. Pick the people you want to invite. You can add up to five other people. Then select Continue.

5. Select photos to move to the shared library. You can select all the images in your library, pick photos by date or person featured, or manually select pictures.

6. You can choose the people to add to the Shared Photo Library. It will select the names of people in the group by default.  You can add others as well.

7. You can select a date to start sharing photos in your iCloud Shared library.

8. You will be asked to preview your library. That will be the right choice because you can select photos to remove that will remain part of your library but not share with other people. There is an option to remove images at the bottom of the screen; there is a trash can next to it if you want to delete the photo.

9. To invite people to your shared library, you can send them a link or a text through Messages.

10. You’ll be asked if you want every photo you take with the Camera app to send images to the iCloud Shared Photo Library. You can also share photos manually.

11. At last, you are all set up.

There are several other ways to add images to the shared library, as well as date range, facial recognition and even proximity to other members of the shared library.


Although sharing is caring, iCloud shared photo library is the best way to share all your photos and precious memories with your family. It’s super easy to use and share pictures on this. It also protects your privacy and keeps your data secure. It will convey only selected information to a shared photo library.