There is no one-size-fits-all formula, some magic ways, and other tricks that would open the door to the world of the literary text. You either write or not. Still, how to start?

If you are still not writing, and are going to start writing, then start writing right now. If this recommendation is not for you, maybe writing is not your cup of tea. If, after all, writing is your real purpose, but you still have an empty sheet of paper in front of you, then you should not look for ways that helped other authors to create a novel, but to understand the reasons why you cannot write your own. Fortunately, there are only two such reasons. The first is that there is no discipline. The second is that you do not know something and one more option is the first and second reasons together.

About discipline

“Of course, I write my inspiration. Luckily, it comes every morning at a quarter past nine, “William Faulkner used to say.

And when do you write? If you have not planned the exact time to work with the text, then I can bet you have problems with discipline. Not being able to sit you down every day at your desk in the available time, as a result, gives you a clean sheet of paper. Lack of willpower, lack of self-confidence, fear of not writing a text and other self-destructive thoughts lead to the fact that a blank sheet remains a blank sheet.

What to do? Write a detailed plan. Specify the deadlines for the work, specific actions, and start working on the text at the same time. Do not listen to those people who talk about the flow and inspiration, or hear, but, most likely, this technique will not give any results. There is an opinion that motivation is a product of discipline. All authors who wrote at least something, as a rule, wrote regularly at the same time. Therefore, right now, mark the time to work on your text, book, script, article, and write at this time every day. It is impossible to write on the topic, write that it is impossible to write on the subject, but WRITE.

About knowledge

“If things do not turn out the way you want, it only means that you do not know something,” an anonymous author.

What do you write? If you do not have a valid answer to this question, then, most likely, you do not know about the topic that you are covering, and the exact thought, around which any text is usually built. In this case, one discipline and habit of writing at a particular time will not be enough, but enough to move from a dead center.

What to do? Begin to study the material, look for the necessary knowledge that will help you to form your thought, and write a decent text. Be sure to set the dates and a rough plan of the knowledge that you need, otherwise, you take a risk becoming a person who is continually looking for something, but does not find it. While you study the material, write about what you learned. The main thing in the time available for writing to WRITE!

Why are you doing this? You can be disciplined, have a good knowledge of the material, but have no idea why. Lack of motivation is the second kind of ignorance that hinders the work with the text.

What to do? Look for the answer to this question. Everyone has his own — the desire to earn a couple of millions, to become famous, to share knowledge. Even behind the texts of pure pulp writers, there is always a secret desire. For example, to attract attention. Find your motivation.

What do you know about your business? The answer to this question is important not only for people who are already engaged in writing. Whoever you are: a journalist, screenwriter, writer, blogger, amateur, pulp writer – determine your professional level and the level you would like to achieve.

What to do next?

Raise the level of knowledge, improve the writing craft.

Read professional literature.

Communicate with those who have succeeded in writing.

Share skills with those who are just trying to write.

And in the time for writing, keep writing. About the weather, about what you learned, about your dream, but most importantly, in the time available for writing WRITE!

The whole problem with a clean sheet is that you still allow a blank sheet to remain clean. Right now, take your blank sheet, write a promise that you will write on this sheet, moving along the page per day, within a strict time frame and the amount of time that you have planned. Start writing right now.

About the author:

Melisa Marzett is based in Phoenix, Arizona and currently working as a freelance writer for effective research essay assistance. When not writing, she works out, meditates, practices yoga, knits, and bicycling. She likes nature, taking photos of people, picnics, animals, and walking.