Who doesn’t like to travel? I think hardly anyone will agree to this because travelling is something that fades away all your stress, worries and brings out a wave of joy in your life. The only thing that stops one from traveling the world is budget. People think travelling is expensive but there is nothing like that. If you are a real travel enthusiast then there are many ways that will allow you to travel in a pocket-friendly manner. This article is something that will help you to learn some fun facts that will help you to plan your vacation on a budget and experience the real meaning of travelling.

Come up with a plan

When you get bored of your life than travelling helps you to escape the boring phase quietly and you don’t need to have money, you should have a plan. How much you have to travel and what should be your route of travelling will help make your travelling effective and efficient. A proper plan will not only save your money but also your time. If you wait for the moment it may cost you a fortune and last time hotel and flight booking is also somewhere expensive.

Travel off season

“Shoulder Season” basically means off-season. Search for the best time to visit your destination for vacation and plan your trip before or after those days. Due to fewer crowds approaching the location, the price of flights and hotels automatically falls down. You can also explore the best of the location and witness the pristine beauty due to less crowd.

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Avoid luxury accommodation

If you are a real backpacker and travelling on a budget then you have to sacrifice luxury stays. You can pick a dorm room in hostels which provide you decent facilities at a cheap rate. If you are travelling alone then a bunk room is the best option for you. It will divide the cost of you but it will offer you the opportunity to meet some wanderlust like you, those who came out of their nest to explore just like you. Airbnb and Couchsurfing are some of the websites that will help you with some of the best hostel options.

Advance booking of flights

You have to be quick while booking your flight. Try to book your flight, especially return flights a few months before the day of your departure. The more you will delay, the more the price will rise. You have to act smart at the same time as midweek prices are cheap compared to the rest of the days. So try to travel on Tuesday and avoid carrying luggage to avoid the charges on extra luggage. You should go for economy class rather than spending money in business class which will hardly make a difference in your journey.

Value public transport

Prefer local buses or trains to travel inside the city and you can also prefer overnight train or bus journey which will cost you way less than flight and you can use that money to enjoy your meal or accommodation.

Do not eat away your cash

Modest snacks can be purchased in a general store or even a nearby new food market, instead of in an overrated bistro or café. Intend to meander around prior to picking a spot to have supper as well; in the event that you simply pick the primary eatery you see you will not know whether you’re overspending. Drinking lager with each supper before long adds up – both your wallet and your waistline will thank you on the off chance that you choose water rather some of the time. On the other hand, lodgings and extra rooms frequently let you approach a kitchen on the off chance that you need to set aside a little cash by cooking for yourself.