Don’t Know What To Do With Solid Perfume? Here’s How You Use It

Perfumes are amazing objects. They take you back to the younger days and uplift your mood. Sometimes, they even provide the warmth that you need during difficult times. In a nutshell, perfumes are your friends when everything seems lost and gone. This is why it’s not bad to invest money and buy some. However, some perfumes might irritate the skin. If you have underlying skin problems, perfumes might be your worst enemy. To cater to this, perfumeries created a safer and more ready to go kind of perfume – the solid perfume.

So how to use solid perfume? Keep reading to know.

What Is Solid Perfume?

A solid perfume – sometimes called cream perfume or perfume balm – is a type of perfume that results from the mixing of a particular type of wax and fragrance scents. As the name implies, solid perfumes are in a solid-state. Thus, they’re easier to carry and store than liquid perfumes.

Furthermore, solid perfumes don’t contain a lot of ethanol and other volatile compounds compared to liquid perfumes. As a result, they’re less flammable. This means that you don’t have to worry about where will you store them in the house.

However, solid perfumes have one downside. Their scents aren’t as strong as liquid perfumes. After applying solid perfume, it might take a while for them to showcase their fragrance. However, there is a simple trick that you can do so that solid perfumes become more noticeable while worn.

The simple trick that you can do is to put the solid perfume on your pulse points. In a nutshell, pulse points in your body are the spots behind the hear, the opposite corners of the jaw, the wrists, the bottom of the throat, the inside of the elbows, and behind the knees.

What’s The Best Way To Apply Solid Perfume?

The best way to apply solid perfume on your body is to use your fingers. Put your middle and index fingers on it then rub in a circular motion. Keep doing this until the surface of the solid perfume becomes warm or soft. It has to get warm so that the scents can activate. Also, doing this will make it easier for you to apply the solid perfume on the specific spots of your body.

Earlier, I said that solid perfume is better to be put on the pulse points of your body. However, there are users who say that putting it on the hair is equally good. Maybe, this is because the naturally occurring oils on the hair help to amplify the scent or fragrance of a solid perfume.

I love solid perfumes because they’re very safe to use. But aside from this, I’m also fond of them because they can be used in a lot of ways. Let’s proceed to the next chapter and look at the different ways that you can use solid perfumes.

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How To Use Solid Perfume?

With a little craftiness, one can come with different methods to use solid perfumes for improving personal living, making travel easier, and other personal means. Here are some things that you should do with solid perfumes.

Use Solid Perfume As Car Air Freshener

You can buy solid perfume and use it as a car air freshener. For this purpose, I suggest that you pick a solid perfume that has a citrus fragrance at its heart and a base of a cool floral smell. Of course, you shouldn’t put all of the solid perfume. Doing so will give your car a violating smell instead of a soothing aroma.

Here’s how to use a solid perfume as a car air freshener correctly:

  1. Get the solid perfume and uncap it
  2. Put your middle and index finger on the solid perfume and rub in a circular motion
  3. Wipe your fingers on the air vents.
  4. Do steps 2 and 3 repeatedly until all of the air vents are covered with a thin layer of solid perfume

Use Solid Perfume as A Layer For Liquid Perfumes

Solid perfumes have a weak smell compared to liquid perfumes. However, most of them have a fragrance that compliments liquid perfumes well. Thus, using a solid perfume as a layer isn’t a bad idea. Here’s how to do this.

  1. Get the solid perfume and uncap it.
  2. Apply the solid perfume evenly on your pulse points
  3. Apply a liquid perfume on the same pulse points afterward

Important Note: The solid perfume and liquid perfume must have a fragrance that relates to each other. For example, using a floral liquid perfume is a good idea if you’re using citrus or creamy solid perfume as a layer.


So how to use solid perfume? The answer is simple. You can opt to use solid perfume as a substitute for liquid perfumes and put it behind the ear or other pulse points. You can also buy one to improve the smell of your house or car by using it as an air freshener. Lastly, you can decide to use solid perfume as a cheap layering for more expensive liquid perfumes.