It is the desire of everyone to get the desired job, but it is important to know how to represent yourself in the interview.

To be successful in life, every person wants a good job, but despite having many quality, they fail to get the desired job. This is because we are not able to represent ourselves properly in job interviews. Interviews after written exams are a process where judges are judged from the degree of the candidate to the mode of interaction. If he meets all the parameters of the interviewer, then the job is in his hands.

The process of getting a job is exactly like a stock market, where every share has a price. In easy language, the candidates do their best to sell themselves in the interview and the interviewer finds enough reasons to buy you. In such a situation, whenever you try for a job, it is very important to take care of some things. During the job interview, the HR department notices your smallest thing. It is not enough for you to have education qualification for that job and there are many other things, keeping in mind that it will be easy to get a job.

Do not delay for interviews

Your first positive impact for the interview will be there on time. However, most of the interviews are being conducted online due to Covid 19 these days. In such a situation, arriving 15 minutes early can have a positive effect. It will also help you relax.

Research means a lot

Never go for an interview without doing research about that company. Before going, read the website of the company very well, that if that company has been in the news for some reason and during the interview you will be asked something related to that news, and you have no information about it. So, this thing can prove to be very negative for you.

Take special care of your dress

It is said that your dress tells a lot about you, and this thing is also kept in mind during the interview. Company officials also observe the candidate’s cloak about how serious the candidate is taking this interview. That is why, to go to the interview, always choose the professional dress code.

Don’t speak too quickly

It is good to be enthusiastic, but it should not be so enthusiastic that you can start talking at the speed of lightning. If the experts are to be believed, speaking very quickly during the interview can prove to be a big mistake. So talk with ease and show your confidence.

How to submit a resume

Just as you make a cover letter before applying in any company, so is your preparation on the résumé as well. When you are asked to tell about your resume, you should come to tell about it without hesitation. Whichever company you have worked in so far, present the special thing about that job in pointers. Obviously, your career cannot be reduced to one or two pages. There are many things that you have not been able to write in the résumé, so in addition to the résumé, telling your career goals gives a positive effect.

How to show yourself special

Never forget that you are not the only candidate in any interview, there can be a dozen candidates like you. That is why to show yourself different from the rest, for example, explain why you are a perfect match for that post. And why should they choose you for the position that will benefit their company.

Three Strengths and Weakness

In almost all interviews, you are asked about your three strengths and weekness. In such a situation, you should also come up with an example about three specific strengths. Talk about your weekend, that is a very complicated question. Because telling this, your impression may get worse in front of the interviewer. But the candidate can turn it into a positive influence for himself. For example, you can say that I am very dedicated to work. And this dedication sometimes makes me dilemma as to who I choose.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

Most people hesitate to ask questions, because it is due to manipulation to understand something. But the candidate should never hesitate to ask questions in the interview. You can ask the details of your work profile, about the company and about the plans of the company in the coming time. Such questions make it clear that you are interested in this job and company.

Is it necessary to answer every question?

No, it is not so. We all know that not everyone knows everything, so do not think that you have to answer every question. During the interview, there is a time when you are on a stage whose answers you do not know. In such a situation, you can speak with ease that you do not know.

Don’t forget to take feedback

Last but not the least, if you do not have a selection after the interview, then do not forget to take feedback about yourself from them. This will make you aware of your shortcomings and you will be able to work on yourself to correct those deficiencies.