After a new marriage, if you are planning to spend some romantic time, then this article is for you in which we will tell, know the 5 most beautiful places in India.

New Delhi- So brother wedding season has arrived and if those who do not have a wedding plan, then those people can have a lot of fun with their Boyfriend, Girlfriend or their friends by visiting these most beautiful places and if it is about a newly married couple. If you go, then this Honeymoon of them is going to be remembered for their whole life because the place we are going to tell you is very beautiful and full of romance, so read our today’s article completely, so let’s know about those places in India.

Jaisalmer City in Rajasthan –

First of all let us tell you that, if you are looking for an offbeat honeymoon location, then Jaisalmer is for you. The forts, old havelis, desert and Thar desert safari are the best to enjoy honeymoon as well. If you have a little more time, then you can also come to Jaipur a few kilometers before Jaisalmer and after coming to Jaipur, you can visit many beautiful places, out of which Amer Fort, Chowki Dhani and Hawa Mahal are very famous. People come from far and wide to see, so Rajasthan tour will be the best for your honeymoon.

How to reach: It is easiest to reach here, both airport and rail are present everywhere to go to Jaisalmer.

Hampi Town in Karnataka –

If you are thinking of planning your honeymoon in the most different way then (Hampi) will be the best for you, Hampi is a city located in the state of Karnataka, India, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites where Thousands of tourists come here every year, there are more than five hundred monuments between the valleys and dunes, these include temples, palaces, old markets, bastions, taboos, cellars, water-ruins, royal pavilions, which are quite attractive to see and The biggest thing is that you are going to feel very peaceful by going here.

How to reach: Bangalore International Airport is the nearest from Hampi, while Hubli and Belgaum Domestic Airport are the nearest here. You can reach here easily by train going to Bangalore.

Kashmir –

If you are also one of those people who like to roam the hill-station, then the best option for you is Kashmir, Kashmir for Honeymoon is no less than a trip to London, here the plains, snowy mountains and the sun is from between the mountains. You will be loved by the first ray that comes out, as well as both the summer and cold weather here are very special in themselves. Yes, if you are planning the best honeymoon trip by staying within your budget, then Kashmir is a very lovely place for you.

How to reach: The most direct way to reach here is through the Srinagar Airport, which is the closest to which flights will be available from anywhere in India. The nearest railway station will be Udhampur, which is 230 km from Kashmir.

Lakshadweep –

If you want to make your honeymoon trip full of romance, then this place is perfect for romance, sitting on the beach in the sun, boating, diving in the sea, candle light in the middle of the water. You will get many perfect moments like having dinner, due to which your spouse will fall in love with you again and the bond of love between both of you will become even stronger.

How to reach: You can take a flight from Kochi International Airport to Agatti Aerodrome to reach here, apart from this you can also take a passenger ship from Kochi to Lakshadweep.

Maldives –

So our last and most exciting Honeymoon destination which will make your honeymoon completely adventurous and you will be able to have a lot of fun with your life partner, yes the beauty of Maldives is not hidden from anyone, today everyone is looking for its beauty. Sumar Maldives is a small and beautiful country surrounded by sea, among the most beautiful countries of the whole world. Where Indians do not need any VISA to go, then you can have a lot of fun by taking your honeymoon trip to Maldives.

How to reach: You can take a comfortable flight from Mumbai International Airport to reach here.