If your skin becomes too oily in summer, then you need to follow some such tips which will make your skin spotless and glowing by eliminating the extra oil from your skin.

Let us tell you what are those home tips by following which you can make your skin oil-free.

Tomato juice will make your skin oil-free

Tomato is not only used for food, but you can also make your skin beautiful with it. Tomato is very good for oily skin. Tomato is easily available in the kitchen of every home. You can use tomato in a face pack or you can apply its juice directly on the face and clean the blemishes.

By applying tomato juice, the extra oil comes out from the skin, so you must use tomato juice in summer.

If you want, you can also use lemon juice mixed with tomato juice. Actually, more and more dirt gets deposited comfortably in the big pores, due to which the face gets spoiled. For this, you have to reduce the pores on your face. Mix tomato juice with lemon juice and dip cotton in it and wipe the face. This will make the pores smaller and also make your skin glow.

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Lemon juice will make your skin oil free

Lemon is used in different ways in every house. Sometimes in the form of syrup, sometimes in a salad, and sometimes in curing diseases. It is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B, which proves to be very useful in enhancing the beauty of our hair and skin. Along with cleaning the dead skin, and blackheads, it is also helpful in healing the open pores.

In addition, lemon juice cleanses the skin and also helps in removing excess oil. In summers, lemon juice should be used every day.

Apart from tomato juice and lemon juice, egg white, gram flour, and honey also help you to remove excess oil from the skin. You have to watch this video for how to use egg white, gram flour, and honey to remove extra oil from the skin.