If you are troubled by the frequent notifications coming in the phone, then you can turn off notifications with these tips mentioned below.

Nowadays everyone has become more engaged with their smartphone through online games, audio, video, shopping and online education. Notifications keep coming on Android phone or tab throughout the day, which bothers us. If you have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other apps on your phone, then those apps keep sending notifications throughout the day. Whether you need it or not, you have to bear all this unnecessarily. Now do not worry because today through this article we will tell you about the process of turning off notifications. With its help, you can easily turn off the notifications of the phone.

Why do notifications come?

When you visit a website, you are prompted to ‘allow’ or ‘disallow’ the page of that website. When you click on allow notification, the website gets loaded. If you disable the notification, the website does not load. Most people ‘allow’ the notification. That’s why notifications keep coming in the phone.

How to close

Follow these tips mentioned below to turn off notifications.

1- First of all go to the settings of the phone, then select the option of General or Notification. After that scroll down and select the app whose notifications you want to turn off.

2- After selecting the apps, you click on the option of ‘Force Stop’ and there will be a box below the uninstall option of ‘Show Notifications’.

3- Remove the tick mark on that box, then the notification of that app will stop.

If you want to block notifications from websites, you can do so in this way.

1- Scroll down to ‘Allowed Section’.
2- Click on the ‘Menu Button’ next to the website and select the one whose notification you want to remove.
3- Then click on Remove option. Then the notification of the website will be closed.

How to turn off Facebook notifications?

1- To turn off Facebook’s notification, first open the Facebook application.

2- If you use an Android phone, then press the three dots on the top right hand side.

3- iOS users will see three options at the bottom right of the app, click on it.

4- After that scroll down, you will see a notification settings option.

5- Now you can easily turn off notifications.

You can likewise turn off notifications for each application or customize the notifications.

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