If you are to sit for sure, you need to stay seated to work as students, they must sit to study, the neck needs to lean whether they try to stay straight and neck leans down at the end, those who work leaning head, work on the computer whether man or woman, those ladies run sewing machine or who need to cook for a long time having a big family, when anyhow you need to sit for a long time and your neck and waist face pressure, the neck becomes stiff and the pain feels in the arm and waist, then you must be aware of this.

I will tell you simple exercises, do them daily. If you do them daily, your pain and stiffness will be healed and you can keep yourself safe for a longer time even keeping the sitting work continued.

hello friends, I am Sweta, welcome to my wesbite AllIndiaEvent. Those who are fed up of sitting, feel pain in the waist and stifness, pain in neck and have no other option as all must do their works.

What to do then ? I will tell only 3 exercises, do them for sure, in the morning, evening and in between that if gets time. You can keep the posture and spine straight and thus stifness will be gone and pain will be healed. When you try to correct the posture, the stiffness in the spine will be gone and posture will be correct. You won’t face any problem even work for long time. First stand straight like this. Twist the spine in both the direction.

Do this for sure, it increases the mobility of spine, flexibility and the liquid increases between joints which prevents bones from hitting each other. Spine gets pressure when you do this movement, do this exercise when you have got wrong posture due to wrong pressure on spine, those who can’t stand straight, feels pain if even stand this way, only feel relief if stand this way. Some people get such posture due to standing this way, they will do this way, loose the hands and let them go as they go. And do this in this position. While doing this, slowly stiffness will be gone and you will stand straight, try to do whatever your posture is. Loose hands if you can’t keep this way due to pain.

This way, do this. Do this whenever you get time. Now, how long you will do ? Minimum 30 seconds, maximum as long as you can. 1st one done. Do this.

Now in the 2nd one, do this with the hands, bend a bit and open this way. Inhale when you open fully. Inhale fully, exhale in this position. The stress that came on your spine for sitting for long time, that stretch will be healing now. Inhale fully in this position and exhale doing this. Try to move your shoulder backward as much as you can. Move the shoulder back slowly. Continue for 30 seconds or more if you can.

Now, 3rd exercise. We have given movement to spine both left and right, now move side to side. Watch it, how we do with the neck, do the same with the spine. How to do ? Spread the legs, bend the kness to prevent pressure on the spine. And do this for your waist. This is and and in this position. Because, the stress you spine has got will be gone and for the reason your spine is stiff, that will be okay. If we do movement on the spine, stress won’t fall on the spine and will remain okay. Mobility, flexibility will increase in the spine. Do that way as you feel comfortable. Move side to side. This way, minimum 30 seconds, maximum 1, 2 minutes as long as you can. Get back slowly, move the shoulders little bit backward. Strech taking the hands back. This way, for minimum 10 times. Take your neck this side. Now, that side. Little bit this way, 10 times for this side another 10 times for the other side. Put the finger on your chin, do this for minimum 10 times. Twist the neck in slope, very slowly with the hands, don’t go hard. Then this side, slowly forward. Do this for minimum 10 times too. So, do all these exercises and where ever you feel pain or any other issue, you can be saved from that for longer time. Means, your problems won’t increase rather will be solved.