Often the biggest problem is behind the weakening of our eyes. More and more use of techniques. Due to which the light of our eyes is getting weaker. Problems such as dark circles, cataracts, frequent watering of the eyes can be seen. By adopting some home remedies, we can increase the light of the eyes.

1. Keep two tablespoons of coriander to soak at night. Drink coriander water immediately when you wake up in the morning to brighten your eyes.

2. Mixing a tablespoon of honey in the rash of gooseberry can also make the light faster.

3. Homemade pure and fresh ghee applied to the eyes can also brighten the eyes.

4. Massage the oil of akhrod on the eyes.

5. Drinking carrot juice also benefits in light of the eyes.

6. Eye water increases by drinking Triphala water.