At present, every person keeps a personal Gmail to a professional account, but now the unlimited storage of Gmail photos is running out, in such a way that the mail sent to you can be bounced when 15GB of storage is over, to avoid this, users have to be on time. Your mailbox should be kept clean so that the mail can be deleted without any work.

Up to 15GB of storage is provided to each Gmail account, which it has to share with Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, in this way you can increase the extra space by deleting unnecessary mail in Gmail.

The user must first open the Gmail account, after this, type “has attachment larger: 10M” in the search bar, then more than 10MB spread will be searched, thus you can delete more than 10MB of unnecessary mail simultaneously.

Google Photo’s free cloud storage facility is shutting down from June 1, 2021, the company will bring the tree subscription model in the same place as the company has been named Google One.