If you also want to buy a new iPhone 14 and are not able to buy it at cheap prices, then know some tricks that can help you.

How much planning do you have to do to New buy an iPhone? There are many people who do not need an iPhone, but many want it. Surely a device like iPhone shows a different glamor and you know how its craze is all over the world. People plan to buy a new iPhone by waiting in line for hours. There are also many who buy iPhone by taking loan.

If you talk about the discount price of the iPhone, then you can get the most discount online at this time, but even there you may have to spend more than 1 lakh rupees to get the iPhone 13 Pro.

Buying an iPhone can be quite convenient and a status symbol, but did you know that there are some tricks that can help you buy an iPhone at a cheap price? Yes, we are not kidding, there are some hacks to try that will make your work a little lighter.

1. Wait for the new model to be launched

Always wait for the new iPhone to launch. The reason for this is that as soon as the new iPhone is launched, there is a huge discount on the last year’s model. There is not much difference between the features of the new iPhone and last year’s iPhone and in this case, you can get great discounts. iPhones are very expensive in India and therefore you must wait for the right time to buy a new phone so that you can get more benefit.

2. Wait for the Cell

The new model launch takes place in September and after that the best sale comes on Diwali. This is the time when most discounts are available on iPhones in the year and in such a situation, if you feel like buying a phone, then this can be the best time when you can buy old or new model at a low price.

3. Take care of your credit/debit card

If you talk about e-commerce websites, then many sites take out offers regarding credit and debit cards. For example, on a card of one bank, they will give you more discount. In such a situation, even if you do not have that card, then the help of a friend can be taken. Discounts are given on most of the credit cards of ICICI and HDFC Bank.

4. Take Advantage of Exchange Offers

Apple has its own very good exchange offer. You can replace the old phone with a new phone with heavy discount. The condition is that you must be a part of Apple’s Loyal Customer Program and the old phone should also be from Apple. If this is not the case then you can resort to many e-commerce websites that run phone exchange programs.

5. Buy Renew Phone

Apart from the above mentioned methods, you can also take refurbished phones of Apple company. These are the phones which are unable to clear the quality check and then their faulty part is changed again. Such phones are sold by the company itself at a very low price and you can also buy such phones online. These are brand new ones that have never been used before. Sometimes such phones are also sold for half the price.

So these were some ways with the help of which you can buy Apple phones for half the price.