If you are going to buy a new cooler, then first know what is the right way to buy them. This cooler buying guide will be helpful for you.

It is summertime and now slowly the season is coming in and it becomes very difficult to get out of the house and even sit inside the house. It gets so hot that we don’t know what to do. In such times, coolers become the biggest need in Indian homes. In India, where the temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celsius, a cooler is an important gadget.

It is also right to buy a cooler during summer, but do you know how to buy a cooler? Actually, many times we ignore our needs while buying such things and either bring too big, too small or a cooler which is not perfect according to our room or house.

So why not in such a situation, we should know some special things which become cooler buying guide for us.

First of all, choose the correct type-

You must have set some fixed parameters regarding the cooler. Whether to take a personal or room cooler or a desert cooler depends on the size of your room and its space. Only the right kind of cooler will be able to cool your room.

Simply put, if your room is very big then choose a desert cooler (larger than 300 square feet), if your room is smaller than that then choose a personal cooler. This would be the right way to buy your cooler.

Also, keep in mind the weather if you live in areas with dry summers, then take a desert cooler and if you live in a humid place, then take a personal cooler.

Along with the size of the room, also determine the location of the cooler-

The structure of some rooms is such that there is no place to keep the cooler outside. Desert coolers cannot be kept in such rooms as they will not cool the temperature inside but will humidify it. Always choose a cooler that is set according to the décor of your room.

Seeing the biggest cooler is not beneficial, but if you want to keep the cooler inside the room, then a personal cooler or tower cooler will be the best.

Choose the water tank of your cooler carefully

If your room is large, then take a cooler with a water tank larger than 40 liters, 25 liters for medium size, and 15 liters for small rooms. The bigger the room, the bigger the cooler tank will be best.

How much electricity is used in the cooler?

One question that should always be asked by a cooler salesman is how much electricity is used to run this cooler and whether it runs with an inverter or not.

If your cooler consumes more electricity then it will not be able to run with the inverter in the power cut. Also, your electricity bill will also be high.

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Those features which have to be taken care of very much-

You should ask about some basic features of the cooler that do not disturb your sleep like-

  • Whether or not to have an auto-fill function: Many coolers now come with an auto-fill function that does not require frequent refilling. Such coolers are more expensive but prevent motor damage due to frequent filling and less water.
  • sound cooler: Nagpuri coolers or tinned coolers make more noise and you should go and find out once.
  • Cooling pads: There are many different types of cooling pads. There are different types of poppy pads and they have to be changed every year. There are different types of honeycomb mesh. They don’t need to be changed very often. Thirdly, there are wool wood pads that require more maintenance.
  • Ice Pads: Many coolers now have the facility of ice chambers, these coolers cool the water immediately, but if you do not need it, then there is no need to get a cooler with this feature. These also work almost like normal coolers.
  • Remote Control: Now that coolers with remote controls and mosquito filters are coming in, and if you have a lot of mosquitoes in your house, then definitely check to see if this cooler is convenient or not.

It is very important for you to choose the cooler according to your need. Many times people take coolers after seeing more features and they almost cost them as much as AC. this is not right. You should not just spend excessively on the cooler. Yes, definitely take coolers with honeycomb mesh and other such features so that there is no need for frequent maintenance, but not more than this.