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There were days when we would see hours of long programs for a political campaign on television, radio, and a whole page of advertisements in newspapers. Other than TV and radio ads, political parties used to release some audio campaigns, pamphlets, wall posters, and flags with their party symbol to spread awareness. And also, the politicians had to spend more in terms of money, strength, and time.

For their political campaigns, these were the traditional ways of promotion through media i.e Television, Radio, Newspapers, OOH media, etc.

But, the picture of a political campaign has completely changed now. Taking leverage out of social media and search engines, Digital Marketing for Campaign. The public is now interested to look for instant, crispy, interactive, and measurable content, especially when it comes to read or learn about the political leaders to help them choose the better candidate to improve the quality of their lives. Hence it is seen that Digital marketing for a political campaign is productive and so well-received by political parties.

Still, there are few exceptions in the scene since 104 million Indian populations are age 60 or more. Among these 30 – 40 percent is not into a social channel and still find TV news and newspaper as a source for political information. Here is when the best Digital Marketing & PR comes into the frame. Make You Big being the best PR agency in Delhi has been smoothly and perfectly doing the task to deliver the best strategic planning and outcome for the political campaign and also the desirable content for that of what would please the public too.

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