Though social media occupied almost all the branches of our life and we used to type message rather than write it, we are still in need of appropriate writing skills since communication is an essential part of our lives. Thus, we all have to master our writing skills. In this essay, I’ll try to describe the easiest ways to achieve this goal. First of all, you must understand that it won’t be a one-day task. This is a continual process that demands all your efforts and time.

Writing skills

  • Each paper that must be done has a certain deadline, thus you need to work really fast searching the necessary materials and writing it. That’s why you need to have a large active vocabulary in order to quickly pick up necessary words. A very efficient way to upgrade your active vocabulary is reading books. The more books you read, the quicker you write, read, and think. This is a good way to improve your writing and oral English. There is no need to take some books with sophisticated English of the Victorian age. Start with something simple. Modern authors will fit you perfectly. Moreover, you can use magazines with some news or scientific articles. In these ones, you can find a lot of interesting words and expressions that might be very useful for you.
  • It won’t be a surprise for you that practice is the key to developing your writing skills. If you are a pupil or a student, you have a lot of homework anyway including essays. This is a good way to practice and your marks will represent your results. If you decided to improve your writing skills for personal use, you need to write a lot of essays as well. First of all, you need to understand that there won’t be a quick success; you need to exercise a lot in order to get the result. Let’s start with a simple three-hundred-word essay. Choose some simple topic for you, the one you are acquainted with. This exercise will help you use already known information. Thus, choose a topic you would like to deep into. You will start searching for information, find out something new, your active vocabulary will increase and your next essay will have more sophisticated English. In general, your main reason is to make your essay pleasant to read using some complex grammatical construction, a great variety of synonyms.
  • Argumentation is a feature of your text that improves understanding and shows that you are acquainted with a particular topic. That’s not a secret that in writing some paper you have to use reliable sources of information in order not to lie to your readers. For example, if you write a critical essay, or a pros and cons essay, you need to provide reliable information in favor of one theory and another and then elaborate your opinion based on these reliable sources. If your audience is aware of this one, they will easily find out if you missed some information. Your major object is not to lie to your readers.
  • Since the introduction is a rather valuable part of each paper, most people make the same mistake. They use generalization in their statements. Briefly, this is a sentence or a whole part of a text where you state that some group of people of object certainly possesses the same features regardless of individual characteristics of each object. It will give you a large number of words but it is likely to be off the topic or the board or your reader will accuse you of not being objective in a particular question you discuss. Try to avoid generalization by all means.
  • Having written an essay, you need to revise it a couple of times, first of all, in order to find some even slight grammatical mistakes. However, the main reason is to make some corrections in the core of your essay or whatever you have written. It is likely that you will notice that you have two or more controversial sentences or you will make up some additional proves for your point of view. If it is serious work that will be examined by the board or your professor, it is better to check in once again in the morning. All your systems will be reloaded and some new thoughts will come out.