If you thought that hundred-percent natural toxin-free products are always costly then let’s break the myth has in this blog I’m going to share with you five handmade bathing soaps that are 100% natural vegan free from all harsh chemicals and are under rupees 199.

Since all these hoops are natural essential oil-based you won’t even need a moisturizer post path yes number one is my favorite as it is not only certified organic but also because it’s price is comparative to any other commercial brand in the market stay tuned hello friends welcome to 50 over soap do you use Lux Synthol dub or pears if yes then I guess you haven’t gone through the ingredient list of the bathing bar you have been using most commercial soaps in the Indian market are loaded with so many harsh chemicals that a common man is unaware of from strong detergents to harsh alcohols to petroleum products to pesticide soaps have them all soap is something which we rub against our body on a daily basis and when we use such toxic soaps over a period of time its molecules seep into the bloodstream through tiny pores in the body and damage it from within such synthetic bathing bars make the scan extremely dry even leading to serious skin problems like rashes eczema and psoriasis it’s shocking that the soaps.

Which are most popular are the most toxic then there are brands that sell you toxins in the name of Ayurveda and urban some hide their ingredients under soap base for this blog I have rejected numerous such brands, of course, there are some startup brands which are genuinely trying to make toxin-free products I sell you to each one of them for their effort however I’ve seen that not every one of us can afford them so to resolve this issue.

I have researched and found 5 handmade bathing soaps which are not only 100% natural but are also quiet budget-friendly I was planning from quite some time now and meanwhile I have tried and tested these soaps on myself and yes they are not just budget-friendly and natural but also give a much better look and feel to the skin starting with number 5 on the list is or BJ’s neem and basil cleanser handcrafted cruelty free sulfate free 75 grams of would be joz neem and base so bill cos two rupees 120 made from saponified oils of NEMA dukkha coconut and naturally infused fragrance with essential oils of basil mint and eucalyptus enriched with vitamin E this soap is worth its price that’s exactly why it stands apart from commercial neem bars made by Himalaya and Patanjali surely these will cost you under rubies 25 but what most people miss out on is the synthetic preservatives artificial fragrances and colours added in the name of herbal forget the benefits of name such skin penetrating synthetic agents rather damaged the skin on the other hand would be just neem and basil cleanser which does not contain any synthetic essence colour hardening or foaming agents is very gentle on the skin the medicinal properties of neem and basil will actually remove the body odor kill germs improve skin texture and even help reduce pimples and rashes a religious neem and basal cleanser is suitable for all skin types at number four is Coco ness sadar and patchouli soap if you have sensitive skin like you often deal with skin rashes burning or itching like if your skin has the tendency to react fast they’re probably your search for the right bathing bar ends here.

Coco ness said our and patchouli essential oil-based soap is specially handcrafted for sensitive skin both these essential oils being naturally antiseptic and soothing leave the skin soft and supple the healing properties of both are so strong that you might not even have to moisturize after bath coconut promises 120 grams of coconut Sadar and patchouli soap will cost you rupees 185 it’s the ingredients that make it worth it today almost every brand is trying to sell you a super sensitive scale however apart from one or two herbs all ingredients they have actually loaded with cheap skin-damaging harsh chemicals like sulfate-based foaming detergents which cost not more than 25 rupees a kg this is where coconut soap stands apart Coco Ness has carved outer soap even without using a single synthetic ingredient no sulfates no parabens no hard nuts surely value for money next up on the list is Neves charcoal so today the Indian market is full of activated.

All soaps but what is the hype about activated charcoal why every other brand wants you to buy a charcoal so that’s because charcoal is naturally a superfood for the skin it’s no trade secret that activated charcoal draws bacteria dirt and grime to the surface of the skin helping you to clear the clogged pores but what most people do is that they buy a charcoal soap only because it is black and looks promising never do that always be sure about what else goes inside it else instead of nourishing the skin you might end up harming it this is where nice charcoal soap is a clear winner not only it’s very first ingredient is activated charcoal powder but also all other ingredients are essential oil paste no SLS no parabens and not even synthetic colors or fragrances it is a lie based soap which is absolutely safe and natural so if you really want to detoxify your skin and reap the benefits of activated charcoal this is the soap you should put your hands on 75 grams of Neves charcoal so bill cost you rupees 100 totally worth the money at number two is speaking trees exfoliating coffee handmade soap this 100% biodegradable free from synthetic color and fragrance preservatives detergents or any animal substances speaking trees coffee soap is especially hand made for exfoliating the skin blended with coffee bean powder essential oils of sandalwood and rose this so promises to give you an enhanced bathing experience it’s got amazing fragrance but mind you it’s not artificial as most commercial brands which might have over 200 undisclosed chemicals under the umbrella of trade secret it’s purely out of essential oils.

Which surely cost more but are actually relaxing for the body and mind the best part of the soap is that it is for all skin types and can even be used on face hundred grams of speaking trees exfoliating coffee handmade soup will cost you rupees 150 finally number one spot has been backed by ancient livings luxury handmade soaps here

I want to talk about ancient livings three soaps there Kasturi Terminix Oh Tulsi soap and Multani mitti soap but why three soaps at a time first because all three are 100% toxin-free and more importantly all three are available in the form of a combo pack which will cost you just rupees 157 which means that you get 100 gram of ancient livings luxury handmade soap at just rupees 50 – isn’t it a great deal actually their prices are a hundred rupees but due to this special combo of three it becomes a really pocket-friendly and undoubtedly all these three soaps are made out of 100% natural certified organic ingredients so no compromise whatsoever with this deal on hands I guess you have no excuse left to check out the so-called toxic luxury bathing bars of your bathroom so these are some of the best bathing soaps available in the Indian market which are also budget-friendly.