When it comes to branding, the logo is one of the main ingredients that help you to cook a sustainable brand. A well-designed logo not only builds trust but also tells people who you are, what you do, and how you serve them.

In short, a logo is not just a symbol of a brand but it communicates your mission and vision to people with no prior experience of working with you.

The reason why brands spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on a logo is it stays there for years to come; no brand redesigns the logo every year.

So if you are looking for logo design trends to create purpose-built logos that strike a memorable impression at the first sight, you are at the right place. Read on to find the modern-day design trends that will add charm to your logo!

1.   Animation

I’m sure you have seen animated logos before, so why do I say it’s a modern-day trend? The thing is, it’s not going anywhere. If it’s already prevalent that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be part of the list.

Especially lately the animated logo trend has got quite a bit of traction, small companies and worldwide popular brands are jumping on the bandwagon to create more dynamic versions of their logo.

Storytelling is the soul of digital marketing, and what else would help you to tell your story in a unique way if not a logo? However, it’s worth mentioning that you must consider your business goals and your audience before devising ideas for an animated logo.

So start taking notes, and write ‘animated logo’ at the top of the trends!

2.   3D Logos

Now that we have talked about animated logos, it’s worth shedding some light on the emerging 3D technology. Go back a decade and you’d have never imagined we’d see 3D logos in the future.

They are tricky to design but three-dimensional design components pave way for an easier transition of your brand into the digital world. Designers use beveled edges, subtle blurring, and gradients to minimally update the existing logos.

Despite all the hard work a designer has to put in, it’s worth the effort. A 3D logo is a clever and eye-catching way to get your audience’s attention and communicate the value you aim to deliver.

3.   Scribbles & Sketches

No matter how many modern design tools will come out in the future, none can beat the original, hand-drawn work. And that’s where scribbles and sketches can make a huge difference in your logo.

Shaky, scribbly, and child-like art is bound to get unusual attraction as true artwork never gets ignored. In 2022, we will see more scribbles. Logos with a rough, unfinished look and little bit of blurriness won’t be considered odd – if they make sense.

There’s an element of rawness in such logos, and for some reason, they feel original too. That’s precisely why they are going to get a lot of traction in the coming months.

4.   Typography Mingled with Shape

For years logo designers  have underestimated the importance of letters(text) in a logo. But lately, as the branding landscape has evolved, there’s more emphasis being put on choosing text that complements the design.

Ideally, the text and graphics should work together in harmony. Logos’ lettering should communicate the brand personality. Mind you, this approach requires you to mingle the title with the images(unlike the separate-text-and-image approach).

Thus, the prospects can better understand the message of the brand.

5.   Monochromatic Color Schemes

Have you ever seen a logo littered with random colors, the worst is none of the colors make sense and go with each other? The word ‘monochromatic’ means you will only use a single color to design your logo, and you might have perceived it as boring, but it isn’t!

A refined palette that integrates various tints and tones of a specific share will add texture and depth to your design; the kind of a logo that talks, conveys the brand’s message in an eccentric way.

While designing a color palette, don’t forget to consider color psychology. We recommend you choose colors that are bright, earthy, and warm. And whatever color you choose, make sure to stick to your brand identity and hues that holistically communicate your goals.

6.   Shapes & Geometry

As a logo design company Dubai, we can relate to the struggle of picking up the right geometry shapes for the client’s logo. Usually, entrepreneurs have varying choices when it comes to choosing a shape.

Some prefer simple shapes while some fancy complex ones, which, of course, makes our job harder and makes it a time-taking task. What shape is right for a particular business depends on the industry.

Say you are a construction company, you would use a shape that depicts a house under construction, a castle, or something tall and impressive. Whereas if the logo is for a food business, the shape may look similar to a pizza, burger, or the type of food being offered.

Final Words

This article only scratched the surface when it comes to creative branding agency Dubai trends in 2022. Feel free to do your own research, find out a few more exciting trends, and make sure that you are ahead of the competition. Mix up the best trends and spin them into a unique, new idea to be one-of-a-kind in your niche!