Dosa, we pronounce it in the wrong way by “we”, I mean people like me. It’s not Dosa, it’s pronounced as “thoug-sa”, this is dosa and this is “thoug-sa” So, Dosa is the correct pronunciation and Dosa is the wrong pronunciation.

Today we are making Dosa, instant Dosa. The special ingredient in this instant Dosa is oats. Oats are a very healthy grain and have become very popular throughout India so let’s make oats Dosa

Oats Dosa Recipe

For making instant Dosa, I am using rolled oats. The oat grains are rolled downwards to make them flatter. If you look at them closely, they’re completely flat, which is why they are called rolled oats, this helps to cook them faster. This will add water, oats naturally have slimness thus we will keep them in the water for about five minutes To wash them. 

Its water has already become milky white; if you don’t do this step then the Dosa will become very soft and won’t spread properly.

We are heating this pan up and in this will add urad Dal which is washed; we just have to brown them a little. We are roasting it to make a powder, and it can easily be made in the mixer. 

When you put the urad Dal powder into the oats batter, it becomes crunchy from the outside and at the same time it is easy to spread. For this instant recipe, this urad dal is good, if you don’t have urad dal you can straightaway make the batter but it will take some practice. Don’t brown the dal, just lightly toss it so that it becomes a little crunchy. It has lightly been toasted; we will take it out and pull it down so that it becomes easier to grind it. The doll goes into the grinder. It’s ready. 

Let’s move on to the oats. We’ll mix it properly and throw away the water on the top very carefully. We will add some more water into this again and this time we will completely strain it. Now, these oats go into the mixer grinder so that we can make a batter out of them. 

In this, we will add some fenugreek seeds which are washed. With this, we will add some green chilli, some Onion and some curry leaves. For the heat, we will add some ginger. All these ingredients will bring life to this dish.  There is an optional ingredient, Cumin which can be added if you feel like it. In this, I will add water. Perfect, the batter is ready.  In this matter salt according to your taste, and just a pinch of sugar. 

In this will add or urad Dal powder gives it a nice mix. Look at its consistency, the batter is ready and we don’t have to ferment it as it is an instant recipe. Without the soul the body is useless, just like that without the Chutney the Dosa is useless that is why I will make the Chutney now. 

Let’s make a great tomato Chutney. Heat the pan up and add a couple of chillies, some cumin seeds, some chana dal, and some urad dal. We have to dry roast. As soon as the colour of the Dal changes it will bring a great flavour to the Chutney.

Look how the colour of the Dallas changed, now add some grated coconut, some green chillies and some curry leaves and now again it has to be dry roasted. Look at those colours, beautiful, South Indian food is full of flavours and spices. This is toasted now, now we will grind it. In this will add some water and we will grind it. This is ready, beautiful, now it is simple just heat up the oil. 

This tomato Chutney should stay for a long time, and thus we will add it to the oil and roast it.  In the oil will add something and now the paste. Look at that.  Once this is roasted in the oil, all the ingredients will release their flavours and the toasted dal will bring life to the Chutney with its roasted flavour. 

Now, this Chutney because we are roasting it, you can easily store it in the fridge for at least two weeks, but you have to roast it properly. If you have to store it for a long time you should use more oil. This is roasted, in this I will add some Kashmiri chilli powder, some coriander powder, some salt, some chopped tomatoes, and some fresh tomato purée, With adding both tomato pieces and purée so that it remains chunky. We have to cook this until the tomatoes are well cooked. 

This is going to be just amazing. To make the taste better I am adding some jaggery, just a little.  In this, I will add some curry leaves. Adding curry leaves at the end gives a good flavour to the Chutney. The Chutney is roasted and the tomato is cooked well, it is a little chunky and saucy as well. 

And as a tomato Chutney is ready. If you think the Dosa batter has become Thick, You can add some more water to it.  It should be pouring consistency, and dense and the pain should be extremely hot. On the hot pan goes a Dosa batter and spread it just like a Dosa. We have to cook it until the dryness, which you can see here, goes away.

This shows that it is cooking. Drizzle some oil on top of it, you can use butter or ghee as well, depending on the kind of Dosa you want, butter Dosa, and then add butter. Now fold it like this after picking it up from here. And our instant dosa with tomato chutney is ready.