iPhone 15 has also been launched in India and along with it many gadgets have been launched by Apple company. We tell you about them all.

Whenever September comes, the whole world always gets ready for the launch of the new iPhone. Live streaming of Apple’s event is watched by the whole world and as soon as the event ends, pre-booking of phones and Apple gadgets starts. Apple has officially launched its latest line up. iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple Watch Ultra-2, Apple Watch Series 9, all these have been launched in this event.

The most important thing in the new launch is that a lot of changes have been made in the Apple Series 9 Watch and a new S9 chip has also been installed which is 60% faster. Additionally, its graphics have been greatly improved with a 30% faster GPU. Talking about the features, many things like health access data, contact information, double tap with the help of Siri have been upgraded.

A lot has also been changed in Apple’s last year’s Apple Watch Ultra. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will love the changes made in Ultra.

What Is Different In Iphone 15?

The most unique thing that can be seen according to the user is that it has been provided with USB-C type port for charging. Till now Apple used to have a different type of charging port and this time it was believed that Apple will definitely make such a change in its iPhone.

Earlier, you had to buy a separate charging cable for each Apple device, but after this upgrade, you will be able to charge iMac, iPad and iPhone all with a single cable.

What is special in the new iPhone?

Now let’s talk about iPhone 15 which is being considered as a showstopper. We already know that the display of Apple company is very good, but how good it is will be especially seen in iPhone 15. It has Super Retina XDR display and along with it there is A16 Bionic chip.

It also has the facility of crash detection and emergency SOS. Currently it is available in 14 countries. There will be facility to get emergency help through satellite.

It has a 48 megapixel camera. With 2X telephoto lens it can capture photos with very good resolution. It has an aluminum design and double infused glass.

When will preorder start – 15th September from 5.30 pm.

What is the price – Starting from Rs 79900

  • 128 GB model- Rs 79900
  • 256 GB model – Rs 89900
  • 512 GB model- Rs 109900

The price of iPhone 15 Plus starts from Rs 89900. There are only a few changes in this along with the size of the screen. Talking about other features, it is exactly like iPhone-15.

iPhone 15 Pro and Pro-Max

If you want a powerful phone, then according to Apple, iPhone Pro Max is the most powerful phone till date which has A-17 chip. Besides this, it also has a titanium body due to which it is more durable. Due to titanium, it is also light weight and this is the first iPhone in which this type of body has been given.

It also has a Pro Class GPU with 6 cores. According to Apple, this is the biggest redesign yet. This can prove to be very useful for people who are fond of playing mobile games. As far as the camera is concerned, it has seven pro lenses which gives much better camera quality. iPhone Pro Max 15 is considered very unique for videos and photos. Apart from this, its battery life has also been increased by Apple.

The iPhone Pro has a 6.1-inch display and the iPhone Pro Max has a 6.7-inch display.

When will preorder start – 15th September from 5.30 pm.

How much is it – Starting from Rs 134900

iPhone Pro Max – 154900

  • 128 GB model- Rs 134900
  • 256 GB model- Rs 144900
  • 512 GB model- Rs 164900
  • 1 TB Model- 184900

Apple Watch Series 9

According to Apple Company, this watch has the most powerful chip ever installed. You can use it even without screen touch. Its case and strap combination is carbon neutral. It has a dual core CPU which is considered to be 60% better than the previous version.

It has the features of playing and pausing music, answering calls, stopping the timer, replying to messages and making emergency calls. Additionally, Siri’s dictation has been further improved by 25%. This watch will also start being available from September 22. Its aluminum version will be available for Rs 41900 and stainless steel version will be available for Rs 70900.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

After Apple Watch Ultra launched last year, now Apple Watch Ultra 2 has also been launched. Its GPS features are quite fast and it also has the brightest display of the Apple Watch. With a titanium case, it is quite lightweight and has been made water resistant up to 100 meters.

If you need the right watch for workout, then Apple Watch will prove to be useful for you. According to Apple’s website, this watch has a battery of 36 hours in normal use and with low power settings, it can get a backup of 72 hours.

This watch will also start being available from 22nd September and its price starts from Rs 89900.