While shopping on ‘Brands On Sale’, if you also eat cheats, then take care of these things.

Everyone likes to go shopping. Shopping is the first choice especially for girls. The fun of shopping becomes even more double when the shopping sale is going on. Because who doesn’t like to do branded shopping for less money?

Nowadays the festive season is going on. In such a situation, almost all the brands are giving huge discounts. You might think you’ve saved your money by buying clothes at a discount, but the truth is something else. Don’t understand? This means that buying clothes at a discount does not benefit you but the brands. Today we are telling you 6 such things about ‘Brands On Sale’ that you might not believe knowing.

1 size error

By the way, every brand has its own fixed size. But whenever any size discrepancy is observed, it is kept for sale. This is the reason that where you used to get S size without discount, then M size comes at the time of sale.

2 There is a chance of fuzz in clothes

By the way, expensive brands make tall claims of not getting fuzz in clothes. But when the clothes for sale are bought, many times people have to face the complaint of fuzz in the clothes.

3 There is a risk of infection

The clothes which are kept in the cell, they do not know how many people try during the day. Due to which many types of germs sit in clothes. In this way, if you buy and wear those clothes, then there is a risk of infection. Therefore, after buying clothes from the cell, wash them and wear them only.

4 Their profit is theirs, not yours

Many people buy many such things after listening to the discount which they do not even like. That is, the purpose of the sale is to get you to buy those things which have not been sold till date. Many times the prices are increased before the sale, so that at the time of sale you find the same goods cheaper.

5 Discount not on every item

Whenever brands offer discounts, one thing to notice is that even though 70%-80% discount is written in rough words on the outside of the store, but when going inside the store, this discount is only on a few items. On others only 5 to 10% discount is available. But when a customer walks into the store, he or she likes something. In such a situation, the brand benefits, not you.

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