As the name specifies it is easily understandable that this Conveyor belt is used in industrial food processing and manufacturing. The design and the quality are some of the major factors while manufacturing this belt so that no chemical reaction, odor, or any sort of damage happens to the food while packing it. The safety measures are taken very seriously on an industrial scale. 

Let us understand how a food grade conveyor belt works?

A food-grade conveyor belt systematically moves and transfers materials in a controlled environment. They are designed to save energy that increases their effectiveness. Let’s see how the conveyor belts work and how they have been favorites of all the packaging industry. The process includes two motorized pulleys that wrap over a long stretch of thick durable material. When the motors at the pulleys move at the same speed and spin in the same direction that allows the belt to move between the two pulleys. 

In case if you have any heavy objects to carry through the belt for a long distance then the rollers are placed on the sides of the belt.

What are the parts of the conveyor belt?

Well many food grade conveyor belt manufacturers in India make a plethora of belting systems but every conveyor belt serves the same purpose; transporting products and materials.  Depending upon the usage some products do not require a surface to transport the materials they need only rollers and wheels. However many of the materials require a proper framing system, rollers, and wheels for a more efficient work.

The above-mentioned facts lead us to think about what kind of materials these belts are made of. These belts are made of three main components:

  • The Aluminium Profile: It consists of a frame, belt and supports. The system of the belt is powered by a motor. Apart from this the conveyor system can also use gravity or manually controlled force function.
  • The Driving Unit: For reliable and efficient use the motorized conveyor belt is ideal. The driving of these kinds of systems includes Motor bracket, electrical drive and any counter bearings.
  • The Extremity Unit: This unit usually includes pulleys and clamping straps. But it also requires some additional support like stands, lateral guides and specific variations and functions.

 The above-mentioned parts were the most basic details one needs to know.

Look at some of the newer aspects, parts, and functions added to the new belt system added the Food Grade Conveyor Belt Suppliers in India have added:

  1. The Frame: It is responsible to transfer and hold the materials for efficient  and safer operation.
  2. The Belt: This stretchy thing is thicker and durable that helps in transferring the products from one place to another.
  3. The Conveyor Belt Support: They help the belt to stay at place and easily look after the movements by preventing the belt from sagging.
  4.  Clamping Straps: Helps in holding the fixtures and other components. 
  5. The Driving Unit: It uses constant speed-reduction gears for a smooth functioning. It consistently assists the belt functioning by taking care of direction to and fro.
  6. The Pulleys: The looping of the belt systematically positions itself over the pulleys. It controls the belt’s movement and helps the functioning of the complicated functions like driving, redirecting, turning, tracking the belt and tensioning.
  7. Other Add-on Modules: Other parts that are additionally needed are installed for further process and work.

What kind of material is necessary for a Food Grade Conveyor Belt?

Conveyor belts are made from a myriad of materials such as rubber, metal, leather, fabric, and plastic. It totally depends upon the usage of your belt needs and also the types of manufacturing and packaging business you are into.

Applications of Food Grade Conveyor Belts-

  • Dough Sheets: The belts are used in bakeries usually for a dough sheet application that helps in  conveying pastries, cookies etc.
  • Packaging Equipment: Industries or companies that into packaging of goods and materials used conveyor belts as they need assistance in the equipment they use.
  • Medical Equipment: Apart from the food packaging industry these belts are used in the transport of medical equipment. These belts are used to produce, assemble and pack the medical equipment and essentials.
  • Vacuum Applications: Used in the transport of small parts of an equipment of anything that requires transportation efficiently and safely. 
  • Pharmaceutical: The word itself defines its usages. The pharmaceutical industries use the conveyor belts to safely manufacture and pack the medicines without causing any harmful reaction or damaging the medicines.


The conveyor belts are used at many places like airports, factories, hospitals, malls, etc to use heavy and bulky products, luggage, etc. If you and your company are looking for a durable and long-lasting conveyor belt, then Continental Belting stands out the best. It’s one of the leading food-grade conveyor belt exporters in India. They are passionate about technology and manufacture the best belts in the country. All their equipment is available all across the world and intends to serve their services and products with pure intention to provide the best.