If Kids and children use the Internet a little more, then these rules and suggestions must be told to them.

Today’s time is of internet i.e. digital. As much as the craze about the Internet lives in adults, it is more in children as well. Sometimes watching videos, watching cartoons, sometimes playing games and sometimes something else. In a way, the fingers of children move on the screen of the smartphone, just like even older people start looking small in front of them. Nowadays children are using the Internet a lot for talking to friends through the Internet or for doing online classes etc. In such a situation, it becomes very important to tell them about some of the dangers and security related to the Internet. In this article, we are going to tell you about some Kids internet tips, which you must also tell your children, so let us know.

Don’t let alone browse

Many times, as soon as the important work is over or similar children open the net and start watching. So they should be stopped for this work. Many times children start looking at unwanted pages by opening them. You should keep a watch on this activity of theirs. Apart from this, it should also be told that the world of the internet is not safe for any person and children.

Tell me about privacy

Leave aside the child, elders should also be told about the privacy associated with the Internet. You must teach them that they do not let anyone know about their home address, mobile number, name of parents, name of siblings, what father does, where sister studies, etc. on any internet or social media. Explain. Many times children tell all this information to some unknown person without thinking.

Distance from online friendship

In today’s time, parents or any other family member become friends or not. Kids make friends very quickly on the Internet. Many times later it is revealed that what the friends were thinking was actually a fake account. In such a situation, make sure to give information to children about not making online friendships. Apart from this, also tell that if someone says that we know you and your parents, then definitely tell them to tell us.

Tell me about strong password

If children use the Internet through mobile or laptop, then make sure to use strong passwords and inform them about its importance. Make sure to inform them to keep the password confidential. Sometimes children also share passwords with their friends. In such a situation, make sure to inform them that do not to share the password with anyone.

keep these things in mind

You must also take care of what children are writing and posting on social media.

If they are shopping online by themselves, then you must tell them to be careful.

The most important thing is that you convince them to do online transactions. Even if you are doing it, do it yourself.

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