In India, Health Insurance is highly neglected and undervalued. The belief that only older people get ill is absolutely a myth. In today’s world, pollution, hectic lifestyle, and substandard food products are causing health issues in people of all age groups. The rising air pollution in metropolitan cities has caused lung diseases and asthma in children. The deficiency of many important minerals and vitamins in food has led to diseases. Comfort food and fast food are causing high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, etc. from an early age. Such conditions can lead to medical emergencies to any member of your family and not only the old. Thus, having family medical insurance is mandatory to secure every family member.

Here are some reasons for every family member to be covered by a Health Insurance policy:

Health insurance policy for parents:

Once you start taking responsibilities on your shoulders for your family, you become the guardian of your parents. When your parents touch senior citizenship they are more likely to be affected by ailments and diseases such as diabetes hypertension arthritis etc. The probability of them falling ill becomes higher and healing time is prolonged due to aging. So the treatment period is also lengthy making expenditures high. Health Insurance policy for your parents can be purchased separately or can be included with yours too. However, having a separate health insurance policy for your parents is more agreeable as the assured amount is a little more in spite of costly premiums. But a separate best health insurance policy for senior citizens maybe not easy to find. You should do thorough research before purchasing a policy for your parents.

Health Insurance policy for Spouse:

If your better half is a homemaker then you must also consider covering your spouse under Health Insurance. If your wife is a stay at a home person then she might also be prone to various kinds of diseases revolving around women’s health. Most of the Indian homemaker women resort to keep their health issues a Secret and treat them with home remedies. Home remedies may give them temporary relief but not cure it fully. Many women do this frequently to save on their better half’s hard-earned money that otherwise would have been spent to treat their anomalies. However, having a Health Insurance can also give her that peace of mind. Any medical emergency would not be a burden on your financial status if you cover your spouse with health insurance.

Health Insurance policy for your children:

Children during their growing up period are very restless and careless that can subject to a number of accidents. Besides accidental medical emergencies, children also have a weaker immune system that makes them prone to various flu and diseases that need proper medical treatment. These treatments can be expensive and for that, you need to cover your children with medical insurance as well. It is a matter of their lifetime and many such diseases if not treated well in time then they can have great effects on their future. Any medical treatment for children is sensitively handled. The facilities provided for the paediatrician department are of high quality and therefore the charges are expensive. You cannot bear the cost of your child’s treatment in case of serious medical issues with your savings only. Having a health insurance policy can give you a lot of relief.