Search Engine Optimization or SEO landscape has been changed significantly over the decades. It is a kind of programming with unique syntax, modules, and methods. It is the art of ensuring how the website or the product page comes on the SERPs’ top ranking to attract the right audiences.

SEO is not about having multiple product pages and stuffing keywords to achieve top Google rankings. There are text limitations, rules, and ratios for all aspects, and everything boils down to one fact, relevancy.

Unless your website is equipped with a mobile-friendly interface, relevant keywords, and the highest security features, the chances of achieving a higher ranking on SERPs are minimal.

Here is the list of some advanced SEO techniques used by the leading SEO Company in India 2020.

Focus More on Shorter Meta-Description

Gone are the days of longer meta-descriptions as Google has come with a new update to limit the word count in metadata to 150-160 characters. So, businesses must focus on wrapping up all click-focused information within 150-155 characters for metadata. Ensure to keep it relevant, short, and filled with the right info. The companies offering SEO Services in Gurgaon know how to produce metadata that is click-driven.

Loading Speed of Website

Websites are not only limited to providing quality information. Instead, they are the resources for visitors who are looking for precious information in minimum time. Websites with mediocre loading speed often register a higher bounce rate, and if Google comes to know about it, your website will pay the penalty for slow loading speed.

There are online tools that let you know the loading score of your website. Use those tools to learn about loading speed. If the website loading score is between 80 and 100, your website is on a good chart, and if its score is below 80, it needs improvements.

Contact the affordable SEO Company in India to get your website checked for loading speed.

Internal Linking 

When reading web content, you come across many links that urge you to continue reading another blog for more information. It is referred to as internal linking. It is important as it helps your company to develop the best structure for the blog section. It even minimizes the bounce rate, which is a good sign for SEO.

So, you must seek the help of SEO Services in Gurgaon to use the internal links of relevant blogs on the website. The visitors will click those links once they develop an interest in your content. You must focus on making relevant pages DoFollow and keeping the old content ranking higher using this advanced SEO technique for on-page optimization.

Use Relevant Keywords

The most important advanced SEO technique is the proper use of relevant keywords. Apart from maintaining the proper tone of the website content, you also have to focus on keyword placement. It must appear naturally across the content. Targeting keywords is crucial as it ensures better ranking on SERPs and ROI on digital marketing efforts. The SEO Services in Gurgaon hires the best SEO writers for projects, and they ensure to use of relevant keywords for better ranking.

The experts conduct keyword research on different platforms for your webpage so that it can perform better. The keyword research tools offer higher search volumes and details of keywords that target your competitors.

Optimization of Images

Unlike texts, the images are worth more than a thousand words. It can attract the attention of visitors if optimized correctly. So, optimize the images on blogs for on-page SEO. You must not name the images randomly or change the image file name into relevant ones. It would be best to focus on using ALT text to explain the images, and it is also a good idea to use captions as most people read the captions than the content.

Checking SEO Responsiveness 

All through the year 2020, we have heard a lot about a term called responsiveness. Google has announced a new update on mobile-friendliness and confirmed that it is the major ranking factor for all online sites. Based on the announcement, all brands and websites are updating their website for mobile-friendliness. If your website is still lacking, hire the best SEO Company in India to address the SEO issues and optimize your brand’s responsive website accordingly. As you use advanced SEO techniques, you are likely to register a boost in the rankings. The professionals must take care of the following.

  • Checking mobile indexing
  • Fixings common SEO errors
  • Updating the responsiveness from the SEO perspective

Structured Data & Schema Markup

Structured Data and Schema Markup is the most discussed topic in SEO. There are three crucial parts of a website, structured data, markup, and text. Text is your website’s content, markup shows how the content would look on the website, and the structured data allows the crawlers or bots to know what the data is all about.

Follow all these advanced SEO techniques in 2020 to rank higher and well.