Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone is a stunning natural Sandstone with yellow, buff, and golden tones. Jhansi Yellow and Golden Leaf are other names for Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone, which is mined mostly in Dhaura, Madhya Pradesh, and Central India. If you want to upgrade the exterior beauty of your home, wall, office, restaurants, and hotels, Lalitpur yellow sandstone is the best option. We, Stone India are the best Lalitpur yellow sandstone Suppliers offering some of the best yellow sandstone depending on the needs of the consumer. Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone paving mergers in almost any surrounding due to its natural tones and shades.

The benefit of putting Lalitpur yellow sandstone

Because of its acid and thermal resistance, Lalitpur yellow sandstone is particularly useful in exterior claddings on seaside houses and hotels. The impact of saline water, winds on Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone is negligible. The Golden Yellow shade of this sandstone offers outstanding opportunities for a wide range of applications. The sunflower yellow color gives it an enticing appearance, illuminating every environment in which it is used. It is also an excellent choice for use around swimming pools due to its sleek surface and grip, which makes it suitable for bare feet and can dramatically minimize poolside slips.

The stone is a vivid, mellow, and golden color all the way around, with little variance. This sandstone is a one-of-a-kind choice that matches well with a variety of decorative aggregates. Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone comes in many shapes and sizes, including bricks, slabs, tiles, and cobblestones with different surface finishes and thicknesses. To fits different applications and to create interesting interiors or exteriors, Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone embraces various value-added finishes such as natural cleft, flamed, brushed, honed, bush pounded, sawn, acid washed, antique finish, and sandblasted.

It has a rippled and rough surface with hand-cut edges and can be hand-cut or calibrated to an even thickness making it easy to lay the paving. They come with a variety of effects and finishes, such as ancient sandstone, which has been polished with a time-worn effect with a somewhat flatter surface and rounded edges to create the impression that these stones have been stepped over for hundreds of years. They are often available in more subdued colors, making the property more appropriate for older-style homes and period homes. Sawn sandstone normally has a honed surface that is very smooth to the touch or a sandblasted finish that has a coarse feel to it.

Its properties: Features like rigidity, durability, and the ability to resist extreme weather conditions make it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. This sandstone improves the appearance of a patio or facade by being ideal for flooring, paving, and wall cladding

Applications areas: Ornamental stone, Building stone interior and exterior, wall and floor, sinks, countertop, pool coping, monuments, paving stone.

Cleaning tips for Lalitpur sandstone paving:

This sandstone is one of the most common landscaping materials. It is an excellent choice for garden paving due to its vibrant colors, versatility, and striking finish. When it comes to maintaining them, you must learn how to do it correctly to avoid harm or discoloration.

  • Cleaning daily to remove surface particles
  • Use a digger to remove weeds
  • Replace jointing sand to hold weeds at bay
  • Use acid-free soapy water or a bleach-water solution
  • Scrub the pavement using a stiff brush

Also, most of the stones will discolor with time if it is subjected to foot traffic and the elements.It is important to understand what to avoid to keep their paving slabs from discoloring. Cleaning solutions containing acids can cause rusting on the slabs, so avoid them.

If you are unsure about the best and correct cleaning technique for your Lalitpur sandstone, always visit a licensed paving contractor, and if you have any more questions, please contact Stone India or our technical team.