The lathe machine was one of the first machine tools invented. In the manufacturing industry, lathes are widely used to separate material from a workpiece. Any workpieces, whether made of wood or metal, can be altered using a Lathe Machine. The workpiece is fixed on the lathe and rotates against a stationary cutting instrument. Lathes enable a wide range of machining processes by using these mechanics. Metalworking, woodturning, metal grinding, thermal spraying, glass working, and parts renovation all use lathe machines.

Functions of the Lathe: The key purpose of a lathe is to separate excess metal from a piece of work to shape and scale it. This is done by firmly and rigidly placing the work on the machine and then rotating it against the cutting tool, which would separate metal from the work in the form of chips. The lathe machine can provide plane and cylindrical surfaces to a product positioned at a right angle to the axis of rotation. Sanding, cutting, knurling, grinding, and deformation of materials used in making symmetrical objects along the axis of rotation are some of the other operations that you can do with the aid of a Lathe Machine.

There are different varieties of lathe machines. Each type performs a different set of operations and produces the desired result.

  • Speed Lathe Machine: It is also known as a wood lathe. It is made up of a bed, tailstock, headstock, and a tool post that is mounted on the flexible foot. It does not have a carriage or feed box lead pin. It operates at high speeds and is controlled manually. It has a speed range of 1200 to 3600 rpm. It also has two or three spindle speeds. The same has a shallower depth and is used for spinning, woodworking, polishing, and centering.
  • Engine Lathe: This is a common style of lathe that can perform operations such as turning, end face, grooving, knurling, and threading. It is driven by a pulley or a gear mechanism. It is one of the most common types of lathe machines. The headstock also allows for different spindle speeds. The construction of the headstock is rigid. This type of lathe machine is used in workshops and many other industries, and it can feed the cutting tool in both the lateral and longitudinal directions while being attached to the lathe axis by leadscrew and carriage feed. It is made up of three belts: geared, belt-driven&motor-driven.
  • Bench lathe: These lathe machines are usually small in size and used for very detailed work. There are bench-mounted machines that have similar components and carry out all of the operations of speed and engine lathe machines with the only noticeable distinction being size.
  • Toolroom Lathe machine: The only difference between this lathe machine and an engine lathe machine is its large range of speed. The spindle speed of the same rises from very slow to fast, reaching up to 2500 rpm. This system contains a taper turning attachment,a chuck,a draw-in collet attachment,a coolant pump, a steady and follower rest, and other parts. This unit is used for high precision grinding. This machine is used for working on dies, gauges, tools, grinding, and a variety of other tasks. It is expensive than most lathe devices.
  • Capstan Lathe&Turret Lathe machines:Capstan lathe and turret lathe machines are used in high volume manufacturing and are conceived of as an extension of engine machines. It is made up of a hexagonal turret head and three tool posts that can be rotated to adjust the process without needing a manual change, such as turning, end face, boring, and reaming.A variety of instruments can be fitted to and fed into the workpiece. This machine can perform a variety of operations and generate a variety of parts at a high rate. It takes up more floor space and is only seen in vast industries.


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