Nose pins are considered to be the main jewelry pieces that an Indian woman would love to wear. Most of the Indian brides are fond of wearing customized jeweled nose rings on the day of their wedding. You will find a wide range of cool and funky nose rings and pins in trend these days. More girls have started to follow this trend. Nose pins in silver, gold, and diamond are again back into fashion. They are mainly exhibited to improvise the glamour quotient and looks of a person. There are different nose pins to complement different face shapes.

Types of nose ring patterns

Diamond nose ring designs are available in varying patterns these days. Some of them are:

  • Simple Hoops
  • Beaded Bali
  • Bali
  • Floral Studs
  • Studs
  • Diamond Stud

Finding the perfect nose pin for your face cut

Here are some points that will assist you in selecting an appropriate bridal nose ring for yourself!

  • A diamond-based nose stud appears beautiful on any shape of the nose.
  • A giant colored gemstone stud looks perfect on those with broader
  • Hoop nose pins are ideal for a long and sharp nose. It looks very beautiful and elegant.
  • To get a cool and edgy look, you can try a nose ring of any size and shape. It will definitely accentuate their looks and give them a trendy touch.
  • A flower bent nose pin looks interesting with ethnic outfits. So, you must keep them for those occasions.
  • A simple silver or gold hoop looks beautiful on any face and suits both Indian as well as western attire!
  • A gold nose ring and studded hoops should be reserved for wedding and festival occasions.
  • A simple pearl embedded in the loop nose ring looks best on a small-sized and pointed nose.
  • Nose rings with flower-patterned studs go best on a big nose
  • A half loop studded nose ring looks best on a smaller nose

Different catching nose ring designs

Below are mentioned some of the commonly available nose ring designs that would make you look best on any occasion.

Simple Stud

This type of nose pin looks very stylish and attractive. It is ideal for all kinds of outfits and events

Floral Stud

This type of ring looks very beautiful on women with a big nose. Wearing this lovely nose pin will surely make people attracted to the lovely centerpiece.

Wide Nose Ring

This is a traditional form of nose ring that goes best on ethnic outfits. It is certainly not daily wear!

Diamond Stud

Diamond studded rings appear timeless. It suits any shape of the nose and appears good on people of any age group.

Flower Bent Nose Pin

This is another stylish nose pin that is gaining a lot of popularity these days. It provides a chic look to your face. One can easily try them on different occasions and days.


You can find a lot of different varieties of nose rings or nose pins in the market. A quick analysis of the varying face cuts will make your look even better with the different patterns of nose pins.