Nowadays, digitized solutions have penetrated considerably in people’s lives. Thus, many reputed business organizations are adopting an online approach. The users are unable to visit offline ventures to satisfy their purposes due to their prolonged working durations. Due to this reason, they have bolstered the usage of applications for almost every purpose.

Whether it’s ordering food online, booking appointments with doctors, seeking ride-hailing services, getting home services done, etc. But with further evolutions, all these services have been racked up in a single solution known as a ‘Super App.’ Currently, the utilization and requirements of these platforms have sky-rocketed among smartphone users to a great extent.

There are many contenders across the globe responsible for generating such demands of multi-service applications among people. It includes Careem in UAE, Rappi from LATAM, Gojek in Indonesia, Snapp from Iran, etc. But, Gojek managed to achieve substantial growth among those names in the market. It also ranked 17th and 11th in ’50 Companies That Changed The World in 2017 and 2019 respectively, according to sources of 2023.

Hence, if you are inspired to create your Gojek-like app and grab an opportunity to uplift your venture in the multi-service segment by approaching a specific development partner. Then, you should take note of certain attributes to implement them while building a Gojek-similar solution, and the benefits of the same your enterprise can possibly receive are mentioned in this post. Reading those sections will assist and motivate you for the same.

Features to Consider While Creating a Gojek App Clone

Specifications are the first and foremost things that smartphone users analyze before utilizing a platform. Hence, if you are looking to embed distinguishing and valuable features in your Gojek similar app, then you can refer to some of them stated below:

Trace and Call Provider

In order to know where exactly the service ordered by users has reached, they can utilize this feature. The consumers would be able to track the live location of service providers and call them to guide on the path to arrive at their entered delivery location. It will also help the users know the estimated time to delivery of their ordered services through an app which can substantially boost the customer retention ratio of your business.

Order Scheduling

In case of some occasions approaching in the near future or due to any other circumstances, if users cannot order a specific service or there is no availability of providers in some areas on a selected day/due to particular occasions or whatsoever, the reason may be. Thus, in such situations, an ‘ Order Scheduling’ attribute comes to the rescue of customers enrolled within a solution, as they can confirm an order of any service in advance and receive them delivered to their doorsteps on a particular date and time entered by consumers. 

Hence, implementing this feature in the Gojek-like platform is recommendable for you, as it would assist your business in providing maximum convenience of utilizing an application to users. 

Numerous Payment Methods

It’s completely fine until different sorts of facilities are offered to users from your app. But allowing them to pay for various services accessed through their preferred methods would add a feather to your Gojek-like multi-service platform. The customers can securely pay a specific amount through their cards/by COD(Cash-On-Delivery)/wallets/from any other online payment gateways, as the solution is equipped with all such payment methods. It would also help your venture increase consumer loyalty significantly. Thus it says that implementing various payment methods in an application like Gojek is essential for your business to rise in the market.

Multi-Lingual Support

If you are thinking of expanding your enterprise in international markets, then you, as a startup owner, should first gear your platform with a wide range of languages. It is a must to provide your app with multiple languages, which will assist your customers to comprehend the functionalities embedded within easily, navigate within an application and meet their needs efficiently. In short, providing multi-lingual support through your solution like Gojek to users will help your business enhance its user experience considerably.

Order History

This feature allows users and providers to view a history of delivered and completed orders, respectively, from the very first to the latest one. The customers or service providers can view their order history along with various details such as prices, delivery location, particular consumer/provider’s id, date and time, types of services, etc. Hence, it is advisable that you should embed a platform like Gojek with this attribute. 

By noticing the above-discussed specifications, you, as a business admin, might be convinced to create an app similar to Gojek with all those attributes integrated inside it for your venture. Now, in what way your enterprise be benefitted from building a Gojek-like application through IT firms with specific characteristics are described in the next section.

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Perks To Business of Gojek Like Solution

There are many ventures providing a range of services to people online through multi-service platforms. They might have initiated this trade by observing future scopes and perks for their enterprises. Thus, as an entrepreneur, what are the several positives your business would likely receive from Gojek similar application are stated below: 

Pocket-Friendly Development

The costs of building a Gojek-similar platform fall much cheaper for you, as it doesn’t require an app to be created from the beginning. The programmers of a specific company just have to tailor the ready-made solution according to your requirements. In addition, the costs of maintaining an application are also minimal because it only goes under maintenance when any errors or technical glitches have occurred inside. Moreover, you don’t need to send it back for upgrading, as you are provided with a source code so that you can customize the platform countless times.

Significant Revenue Generation

Running a business with Gojek similar multi-service solution will help your enterprise earn a colossal income. Because an app is comprised of numerous revenue channels, it allows your venture to earn ample money by charging from its various stakeholders. In addition, operating a multi-service trade would substantially augment its revenue more than serving a single service, as Harvard Business Review also agrees with the same.

Improvised Scalability of Venture

An enterprise can become more scalable than ever before with Gojek like solution for handling the heavy audience strength inside it. You can access every functionality mounted in a platform effortlessly and execute any operations without a fuss. Furthermore, you can also customize the attributes as per the needs of your venture. So, in this way, your business becomes scalable through Gojek similar platform.

Easy Management

As a startup owner, you can perform tedious daily operations efficiently by utilizing a solution similar to Gojek. It includes managing user data, analyzing the enterprise earnings, generating work and salary reports of workers, tracing the activities of every employee, and other various tasks that can be accomplished. Thus, it simplifies business management to a considerable level.

Parting Words:

By witnessing the progress and demands of Indonesian unicorn among users across the entire Southeast Asia, you must be influenced to develop a platform similar to Gojek for your enterprise. Considering the list of specifications for integrating them in Gojek clone and some pros for your business mentioned might have helped you in getting a clearer vision and motivation for building a Gojek like application.