Today we will talk about low-priced strong stocks of the 2023 stock market low priced strong stocks which show full potential in the business to give good returns to the shareholders in the coming times. You will find many penny stocks at low prices in the Indian stock market, but the business of many companies does not look good at all from the point of view of the future.

The business of any stock we are going to talk about today is good in terms of the long term, as well as the fundamentals of the low-priced stock are also looking very good and there is a lot of potential for growth in the future.

Let us know in detail about the shares of all the strong companies with low prices-

7 Low-Priced Strong Stocks 2023

Urja Global Lld:

You will definitely see the name Urja Global in our list of low-priced strong companies shares of 2023 because the company is a very good emerging company associated with the power sector. Looking ahead, Urja Global is working in tandem with its business in the solar power and electric vehicle segments.

If we look at the market cap, then the company is worth about 370 crores, despite being such a small company, if we look inside Urja Global, we can see almost no debt. Due to the excellent decision of the management, Urja Global has been continuously showing growth in profit along with increasing sales growth for the last few years.

Looking at the ever-increasing growth of the company, it can be expected that investors will be seen giving good returns in the long run.

Airan Ltd:

If we look at the stocks of low-priced strong companies related to the IT sector in 2023, then talking about the second number company in our list, Airan Ltd seems to be a company with the potential to show very good growth.

Talking about the business of the company, Diversify provides different types of services related to the IT sector like Cash Management Services, Doorstep Banking, E-Stamping, and software development to its customers.

Along with this, the company is seen trying its best to offer different types of new services to its customers by updating itself with every new technology related to the IT sector.

If seen from the past few years, the financial performance of the company is also showing very good growth, in the coming time also as Airan will keep expanding its business by updating itself with new technology, the share price will also increase in the same way. According to you, growth is definitely going to come.

Vikas Lifecare Ltd:

At number three in the list of low-priced strong companies shares in 2023; Vikas Lifecare Ltd appears to be a very good company. Talking about the business of the company, the company is involved in Recycling Plastic, Trading Polymer Compounds as well as manufacturing.

Along with this, Vikas Lifecare is also expanding its business in Food Preservation and Hygiene in FMCG and Retail Sectors in view of the increasing demand in the market for Aluminum foil and Tissue paper.

Understanding the demand of the market, and the way the management of Vikas Lifecare is making changes in its business, the company is expected to get profit in the long run.

Reliance Power: –

Anil Ambani’s company Reliance Power, if seen for a long time, was seen in great difficulty due to debt. But slowly now Reliance Power is seen working in pairs to reduce its debt.

For some time now, Anil Ambani seems to be increasing the focus on his power sector company, due to which the financial performance of Reliance Power is also improving gradually.

Due to the improving performance of the company, along with the promoters, FIIs and DIIs are also seen increasing their holdings. Looking at the continuous improvement of the company’s performance, it is very important to have Reliance Power in the list of strong low-cost companies in 2023.

Suzlon Energy: –

If we look at the shares of strong companies with low prices in the Renewable Energy segment in 2023, then Suzlon is seen in a better position. Apart from improving the performance of Suzlon Energy in every quarterly result, the management is also focusing on reducing its debt.

The government is also continuously promoting the renewable energy sector in pairs. In the coming years, as the demand for Renewable Energy will be seen increasing, the business of the company is also expected to show growth accordingly.

If we look at the shareholding pattern of Suzlon Energy, the holding of FIIs and DIIs is also seen in good proportion, due to which the company is seen in a strong position for long-term investors.

Yes Bank:

If we look at the shares of strong companies with low prices in 2023, then Yes Bank is looking very good right now. If seen in the long run, due to the negligence of the management in the loan of Yes Bank, bad effects were seen in the business, and because of this, the bank came on the verge of drowning.

But now with the help of the government Yes bank is showing good performance with a new look and new management. Continuous management is seen improving in NPA along with good growth in profit in every quarterly result.

If Yes Bank is seen maintaining its good growth in the coming results also, then the share price will also be seen showing growth accordingly. At present, if you look at the banking sector, Yes Bank’s share is seen at a good price among the strong companies with low prices.

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd:

If the shares of strong companies with low prices are seen in 2023, then the power generation company Jaiprakash Power Ventures is slowly coming out of a loss and making a profit in its business. If seen in the last 2 years, JP Power has been able to pay a major part of its debt.

In the coming days also, if the company is seen reducing the debt in the same way and at the same time strengthening its infrastructure, then Jaiprakash Power’s business is going to see good growth. If we look at the market cap of the company, it is seen as around 2800 crores, Jaiprakash Power Ltd has full potential to show good growth in its business in terms of penny shares.

In My View

There is no doubt that low-priced shares can give you good returns in a short span of time but at the same time, they can drain your money very soon. That’s why before investing in Penny Stock, you need to take decisions very thoughtfully. If you are a new investor, then my opinion would be that you should invest in the shares of big companies, this will reduce your risk to a great extent.