If you make reels on Instagram, then you must know about these simple tips.

Today almost everyone uses Instagram. Through this platform, users are socially connected with each other. Ever since the reels option came on Instagram, people are competing to increase their reach on their social media.

It is the desire of all the users that they can get maximum likes, comments, and shares on their posts. To get more reach, people try different ways, sometimes they try to increase followers through apps, and sometimes they resort to paid promotions. However, even after all these things, people are not able to increase the reach of their accounts.

If you love to reel on Instagram and get demotivated because of Reach, then this article can be very helpful for you. By keeping these small things in mind, you can easily increase the reach of your reels. So let’s know about these tips Instagram Reels Tips.

What is Instagram Reels?

This is a video platform of Instagram, which works somewhat like Tik-Tok. In this, you can easily create videos of 15, 30, and 60 seconds. Let us tell you that you can also create multi-clip videos on this platform. On this platform, you get to see all the things like education, entertainment, daily hacks very easily. Along with watching, you can also make your own videos on the reels.

After the introduction of this new feature in Instagram, many people have searched to make their career on the social media platform itself. You can also create engaging content through this feature.

If you know how to operate Instagram, then running a reel will be very easy for you. You can play the reel from any of your smartphones. So let’s know how the reels are recorded.

How to record reels

  1. To create reels from your phone, first go to the Instagram app.
  2. Under the new update, the option of one plus will appear at the top of your phone screen, let us tell you that the message icon has also been given next to this option.
  3. After tapping on the plus four options will appear on your screen. Post, Story, Reel and Live. You have to tap on the reel option.
  4. After this the screen of your front camera will open, if you want to shoot video with the help of back camera, you can turn on the rear camera by double tapping.
  5. After this, many effect options will be available on your screen, you can select any filter according to your choice.
  6. If you want to add music with the reel, then on the left side of the screen you also get the option to add music.
  7. You can tap on 2 option to choose the time. 15 on the first tap, 30 on the second and with the third tap you get 60 seconds of time option.
  8. For the option with slow motion or speed, you should click on the 3rd option. Different types of speeds have been given in this, you can choose the speed according to your need.
  9. The fourth option on the screen is the layout, through which the reel is divided into two screens.
  10. The last option is a timer, so you can record the reels alone.
  11. After recording the reel, tap Preview and then tap Next.
  12. With these steps your reel will be recorded. Now you can share the video by writing your caption.

Follow these tips and tricks to increase the reach of the reels-

Present in a better way-

Always try to make your reels presentable, by doing this people will like to see your videos more.

Make reels of 30 or 60 seconds instead of 15 seconds-

Not many things can be told in a 15 second video, so you should make videos of 30 to 60 seconds. By doing this you can explain your content well.

Use eye-catching cover

You can also change the cover of the video while uploading the reel, adding an interesting cover attracts more people to your reels. Let us tell you that you can also make any photo the cover of your reel video.

Use video editing apps

You can also use an editing app to add more effects to your video, this will make your video look more different.

You can add your voice with the video-

You can add your own voice along with the music if you want, especially for fashion or recipe videos. Doing this makes it easier for the audience to understand.

Follow these hacks to increase the reach of the reels-

Use trending hashtags

  • People search more on trending hashtags by size, while Instagram also looks more for trending things. In such a situation, you should use trending hashtags while uploading reels.
  • Trending hacks are more likely to get more likes and views, so don’t forget to include them with posts.

Make Duet-

Creating a duet video allows another person’s audience to see your profile. Due to this your chances of increasing your reach increase even more. If you want, you can also make duets with any famous celebs.

Upload content daily

By uploading videos daily, your reach grows faster, while the chances of videos going viral increase even more. Not only this, by uploading content daily, your audience is engaged, which also works to increase the reach.