Tips for buying the best microwave oven for your kitchen

Microwave oven is becoming a part of busy life nowadays. You can heat cold food instantly with the oven. You can cook everything from breakfast in the morning to dinner in the oven. Pizza, cakes, chicken, veg food, etc. everything is made quickly.

And your time and energy are saved. But not all these foods can be made in all types of ovens.

Which microwave oven would you buy for that?

Which oven will be the right choice for your family? Which oven will fit in your budget? Which oven features would be best for you in India?

For all this, today we have brought you the buying guide for microwave ovens. So before we proceed further in the article, we want to give some safety tips which will be useful for you.

Safety tips

  • After using the oven, the door seal should be cleaned along with the inside and outside.
  • If the utensils can be heated in the microwave oven, then oven gloves should always be used.
  • Children should not be allowed to use the oven.
  • Do not use it when the microwave is empty.
  • Always use microwave safe utensils like glass, ceramic, plastic, paper only.
  • Metallic utensils should not be used.
  • Plastic can be dangerous in the microwave. Use only good quality utensils.

Let us now move ahead in the article and help you select the best oven for you.

Which Microwave Oven is Right for Your Family?

Before selecting any oven, you have to decide which capacity oven you should take which will be best according to your family size. Because the oven of higher capacity will consume more energy and the light bill will be higher. And you will never be able to use too much capacity of the oven. The image given below will help you decide on the oven capacity.

Types of microwave ovens

  1. Solo

Solo-type ovens are basic and entry-level ovens. These ovens are cheaper than other types of ovens. Solo ovens have a single magnetron that generates microwaves. With this, you can heat food and make some basic recipes.

Solo microwaves cost between Rs 3,000 to Rs 7,000.

  1. Grill Type

Grill Microwave Oven comes with an oven as well as grill accessories. If you make grill recipes along with microwaves, then it can be a good choice for you. In this, both the functions of microwave and grill together can make good grill recipes in minutes. Grill Microwave ovens also have a heating coil that allows you to do the grilling, roasting, and toasting.

Grill Microwave Ovens cost between 5,000 to 10,000.

  1. Convection Microwave

The convection microwave oven has all the functions of solo and grill. And there is also a foam along with which heat is circulated all around so that the food is cooked properly and quickly. In a convection microwave oven, you can make all the recipes from morning till night.

The cost of convection Microwave ranges between 9,000 to 18,000.

Panel type

With a good control panel, you can quickly and easily access timers, presets and other functions. There are three types of control panels of microwave ovens.

  1. Mechanical : Long Life, Easy to Use
  2. Feather Touch: Good Looking,Easy to Clean,Touch Panel
  3. Tactile: Easy to set time and temperature with jog wheel

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  1. Auto Cook Menu

There are many preset recipes in the auto cook menu. You have to enter the number (code) given for that recipe in the oven and the weight. Accordingly, the oven starts cooking the recipe after deciding the power and time.

  1. Child Lock

If you have small children in your house and they do not mind operating anything, then this feature must be in your oven.

  1. Rotisserie

Rotisserie is grilling accessories that come with some ovens. With which you can do the grilling and you can also barbecue vegetables, meat, cheese, chicken.

  1. Defrost

You can heat the food kept in the freezer through the defrost function.

You just put the weight of the food through auto defrost, the oven will automatically set the best program.

You can also do this work by setting it manually. But in that, you have to set yourself according to the time and power weight.

  1. Pre-heat

With the pre-heating function, you can preheat your oven. This function comes in handy when you need to make cakes, cookies, and any other grill recipe.

  1. Timer

You have to set a timer for any recipe. When you set the timer for the amount of time according to the recipe, the bell will ring and you will know that your food is ready.