You will have cheerleaders throughout your life who believe in all you can do. These cheerleaders are your friends and family who are confident in your ability to succeed. They are always there to motivate you and rejoice with you when you do it. On the contrary, there are some pessimists who emerge at unpredictable times in your life and often try to remind you that you might fail. Their negativity can drain your energy and you may go off track.

Always keep in mind that you can’t achieve your goals with a negative mindset. If you are preparing for the competitive exams, then pay no heed to these naysayers to keep your chin up on the exam preparation. In this article, we have penned down some soulful ways to tackle these naysayers and believe in yourself for optimistic exam preparation. 

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Here are some wonderful ways to avoid pessimists during competitive exam preparation: 

  • Protect your goals

Imagine yourself on a beach making a beautiful sandcastle. Assume that someone is coming, again and again, to destroy your castle by pouring water on it. If you get irritated with him and give up, can you build a castle? Obviously not! Wherever you try to build a foundation of a castle, each time a person comes to destroy it and you leave your task in between. The same happens when you focus on what pessimists are saying. They will only tell you stories of failure and convince you to think that acing a competitive exam is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, whenever you come across naysayers, never give them a fig at all. Moreover, never reveal your goals in front of them. Make sure to step up towards your goals silently. 

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  • Identify naysayer

Don’t listen to the suggestions of every person who comes your way. Before you take anyone’s advice seriously, consider the below-mentioned things: 

  • Does that person have full-fledged knowledge about your goals? 
  • Is the person using a polite tone or trying to poke you?
  • What is your relationship with that person? 

If there is no genuine answer to each question, then don’t need to pay attention to whatever he/she is saying. This way, you can protect your peace of mind during competitive exam preparation. A calm and cool mind can help you grasp and retain concepts easily. 

  • Never engage in conversation with them

Pessimists are staunch in their view as they will never change their perspective at any cost. So, don’t seek any validation from them. Don’t care at all what they are saying. It is better to never indulge in any conversation with them and completely avoid them. Let us tell you, if you start an argument with naysayers, they will try to frustrate you by giving an annoying reply. Always remember that it is a habit of naysayers to demotivate people and make them feel bad. Therefore, believe in your capability and keep on moving towards your goals. 

  • Never let pessimism creep into your mind

There is no denying the fact that positive thinking can work miraculously to keep our chin up on our goals. Don’t you think it’s great to build an optimistic mind while preparing for the exams? Obviously yes! So, make sure to inculcate a positive attitude to channel through hardships. An optimistic attitude and positive thinking don’t mean to expect only nice things in life. Instead, it means to tackle challenges in the best way. So, pull your socks up and face all the obstacles with a positive mindset during competitive exam preparation. 

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  • Surround yourself with cheerful people

We all are well versed with the fact that a person gets drenched in the colors of a company he/she is keeping. So, it is crucial to choose your company wisely. Make sure to accompany positive and cheerful people who encourage you whenever you feel low. This way, you will get motivated to study properly for competitive exams. They will push you to work laboriously to perform excellently in the exam. Well, if you don’t have such a companion then don’t lose heart. Keep your spirit high by thinking about some people who were able to achieve their goals all alone. Note that books are your forever loyal friends, you can read self-help booking during your preparation phase. It will surely amp up your efficiency to study perfectly for exams. 

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Wrapping up: 

To wrap up, it is actually an arduous challenge to keep yourself calm when someone is constantly trying to say something negative. However, you need to tackle naysayers to taste success. So, you can follow the above-mentioned methods to turn a deaf ear to them and perform at your fullest potential.