Bringing an animation project to life requires a skilled partner who can make your vision a reality. However, the animation company space is crowded with options of varying quality. Not all providers live up to expectations or deliver maximum value for the investment. When undertaking the important process of selecting an animation development company, it’s vital to avoid common mistakes that lead to disappointing outcomes. By steering clear of certain pitfalls and missteps, you can identify the ideal animation partner qualified to meet your exact needs. This guide covers the top five mistakes to be aware of when evaluating animation teams. Avoiding these errors will lead you to a high-caliber firm and ensure your animated project gets the brilliance it deserves.

Focusing on Price Alone

When evaluating animation companies, don’t get lured in by the lowest price tag alone. While budget is important, an extremely cheap quote often signals subpar work plagued with problems like missed milestones and limited revisions. Seek reasonable rates paired with impeccable portfolios and glowing client reviews. A reliable animation partner who blends budget-friendliness with robust capabilities and a track record of excellence will give you the best return on investment. Cheap can end up costing you more in the long run.

Lack of Portfolio Review

When evaluating potential animation partners, don’t rely solely on claims made on their website or during pitches. You need to dig deeper by thoroughly reviewing their portfolio across all mediums they work in – 2D, 3D, motion graphics, VR and more. Portfolios offer tangible examples of past work which demonstrate real skills and capabilities. Look for diversity in art styles, complexity of projects completed, creative storytelling techniques, and technical expertise across software and tools. An impressive portfolio shows not just what an animation company claims to offer, but what they have proven to deliver for clients time and again. You want to see a robust body of work.

Unclear Project Expectations 

Failing to outline your expectations and requirements is a recipe for disaster. Convey the style, length, scope, purpose, platform, target audience and technical specifications expected. Provide reference materials like storyboards, character illustrations and examples of what you want to achieve. Detailed requirements minimize misaligned expectations. 

No Post-Production Plan

Many only consider the initial animation development. However, equally important is having a post-production plan for editing, sound design, music and finalizing deliverables. Discuss these needs upfront so they’re incorporated into timelines and budgets. A lack of post-production planning can lead to unfinished projects.

Not Asking About Support

Don’t assume the relationship ends once the animation is delivered. Ask about ongoing support and maintenance plans. Will they readily address issues post-launch or make edits as needed? Ongoing support improves the value derived from the partnership.


Avoiding these mistakes allows you to zero in on the right 3d animation development company for long-term success. Do your due diligence, get granular on expectations, evaluate portfolios and discuss post-production needs. With the ideal partner, you can bring your animation vision to reality and delight audiences.