Laravel is the top framework of PHP, which is used to develop flawless web applications. So if you are the best Laravel development company in India, you need to stay updated with its trends.

Laravel services are used widely worldwide for developing web applications with the latest features. When you focus on an eCommerce business through a web app, it is essential to stay with trends.

With the help of Laravel, you can take your business to a whole new level and make it smooth for the users. Trends in laravel are evolving to provide a more personalized user experience.

What is the Laravel PHP framework?

Laravel is mainly an open-source web framework of the PHP platform. It is a robust framework that helps you develop a web application based on PHP quickly and smoothly with all the latest features.

Let’s look at the latest trends of Laravel development in the following blog.

Trends in Laravel development

  • Demand for microservices architecture

In the era of eCommerce, it is impossible to neglect microservice architecture. It will primarily involve the vivid range of various functioning modules that have contributed to developing high-performance and extensive applications.

The Lumen PHP micro-framework can quickly achieve it by laravel.

  • Multiple experiences

Multiple experiences will enable your users to go through the web applications on various devices such as PCs, laptops, smartwatches, smartphones, and many more. Although, the main reason is to make sure that your web app is attractive and worthwhile.

It is one of the latest and leading trends in Laravel app development in 2022. Other than that, we can assume that the typical user experience approach with devices will be overcome by multi-contact, multi-screen, etc.

  • Blockchain technology

It is an integral information structure that includes records, high security, decentralized and straightforward. It can also be a record chain that reshapes the data in a block connected with a chain.

Have you heard about cryptocurrency? It is one of the widely used apps of blockchain, which has gained hype because of its secured online transactions. 

As a result of its security, many banks are planning to invest in blockchain as it is highly secured, transparent, low cost, and much more.

  • Automated testing environment

The latest trend in the Laravel framework provides an automatic testing environment for highly accurate results compared to manual testing.

Best Laravel development company in India should provide a glitch-free and bug-free application to the customers. The primary purpose is to provide an application with the best performance.

  • User interfaces

A helpful user interface is the first step to the success of each website and application. It is another latest trend of Laravel development that developers and business owners widely use.

A responsive website refers to the responsive website design that augments the app development environment with a digital experience to the users.

Multiple PHP app development tools and frameworks are present, enabling you to develop user-friendly and feature-rich web applications.

  • PHP outsourcing

The outsourcing trend is not just popular among startup businesses but also in multinational companies. However, PHP outsourcing has recently been hype compared to the past, which depends on PHP development.

Outsourcing from a third party will benefit you in many ways, such as saving a lot of money and will help you in the long run. Although, we can expect that numerous enterprises will hire the best Laravel development company in India for outsourcing.


It is inevitable to neglect the latest trends of Laravel development because it can enhance web app development and provide various advanced functionality.

By considering and following the latest trends, you can provide a top-notch quality web app with a great user experience. But, first, you need to hire the best Laravel development company in India.