Postnatal Care- Gone are the days when after becoming a mother, a woman was identified as a fat and unformed woman entangled in the responsibilities of children and family. Today women are fulfilling all the responsibilities of their field of work keeping happy not only husband and children but also every person associated with them, relatives and acquaintances and are also fully conscious about their health and figure. But still there are many women who think that such fitness is possible only for celebrity women and women of upper class of society.

In a way, it is not wrong to think so. Motherhood is a very beautiful feeling. But the responsibilities associated with the feeling of being a mother are equally complex. At the time of the birth of a child, many changes take place in the body, emotions including social relationships. Symptoms like irritability, depression, fatigue, mood swings start appearing in him due to lack of sleep and worsening of routine.

According to a research, about 13 percent of women suffer from depression after childbirth. Although these changes are temporary, but if not taken care of in time, it leads to negative attitude and insecurity fear in the woman.

It is true… It has always been challenging for a mother to maintain her beauty and health in our country because it is not easy to balance the needs of the children, her attachment to her, family and her own health. This is the reason that most of the mothers going through such a situation take care of the needs of their child and start giving less importance to themselves.

Let me tell you that no one can take care of a child better than you. Therefore, after the birth of the child, do not burden yourself with responsibilities and give time to your body to recover. Because you yourself will be fine only then you will be able to take proper care of your child.

So if you want to keep your figure as green as before even after the birth of the child, then for this you should pay attention to the following special things during pregnancy itself:

Take special care of these 10 things after delivery (10 things to take care of New Mom)

1- After delivery, you have to take care yourself. There is no use in worrying about your increased weight. During pregnancy, the weight of the mother increases by 8 to 10 kg, which is normal. Allow your weight to decrease gradually. The process and method of losing weight should be such that your child is not affected in any way. Make a schedule of at least six months. Because it takes time for the body to get back to normal.

2- Do not do even light exercise for 6-8 weeks after the birth of the child, if you have had a caesarean then at all. During this, give complete rest to the body. If you want, you can walk for a while with light steps.

3- If there is any complication at the time of childbirth, then do not exercise at all without the advice of the doctor. If you exercise ignoring your physical complications, then its results can be quite negative.

4- For care after delivery, if you want, you can take the help of counseling. For this, the doctor will advise you on the basis of your anatomy, level of health.

5- Post-natal yoga classes are also available for post-delivery care.

To increase the stamina of the body, give rest to your body. The thing a mother has to deal with the most is sleep. So whenever you get a chance, sleep. Try to sleep with the baby when he is sleeping. Only in pieces but you will get a chance to sleep. This will make you feel fresh.

7- Eat food little by little in 5 – 6 times. Make sure to have breakfast in the morning and drink more and more water.

8- Dieting should not be done immediately after delivery. This can be very harmful for you. Because for six weeks after delivery, the body needs extra energy to come back to normal. After these six weeks, gradually start controlling your eating habits.

9- Eat protein and fibrous foods. This will keep your appetite under control. You can also plan a diet chart for yourself by consulting your doctor or dietician. This will not make you weak and your weight will also be under control.

10- Make sure to breastfeed the child. About 500 calories are spent in feeding babies, which makes it easier for the mother to lose weight after the baby is born. The fat that remains accumulated during pregnancy is used in the manufacture of milk, due to which the layers of fat on the body start reducing naturally.

After becoming a mother, getting the fitness you want can seem like an impossible thing. But by constantly trying in the right direction, you can achieve your desired goal. No goal can be achieved without planning. If you are fit then your mind will be happy and your life too. So get up and do something for your health.

I hope you must have been helped by Postnatal Care Tips after delivery. If you liked this post of ours, then your cooperation and encouragement is very important in maintaining continuity in it.


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