Mother’s Day- Mommy is always the most special and also the one who always works the most and gets tired every day. Not only this, she is our emotional support as well as our inspiration. This is the reason why mothers are called superwomen. A mother needs the most breaks in this world. Why not give some such gifts to your mom on this Mother’s Day, which will give her a chance to relax and enjoy life too. Let’s know about some such gifts.

Breakfast tray

This Mother’s Day why not wake your mom up with a wonderful breakfast. For this, you will need a break fast train, in which the smartphone will also come along with medium size plate napkins and cutlery. You will get easily from many such breakfasts. Your mom can also use these breakfast trays for laptop phones on the bed or watching you. These are available in many colors and designs, one of which you can gift your mom according to her choice.


A better way to show your mommy love is by feeding her Tasty and Delicious Limited Edition Cake! This Mother’s Day, Love & Cheesecakes brings special cheesecakes that are available in flavors like Butterscotch, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Mango, Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Mix Fresh Fruit and Tiramisu. The Bouquet of Love theme cake features a dark chocolate truffle with butterscotch. It features cheesecake frosting and fresh flower arrangement in pinkish-white tones, making this cake as beautiful as it is delicious.

Detox serum

It is a concentrated serum that goes deep into tired and lifeless skin. It reduces the effects of environmental stressors, toxins, sun exposure and lack of sleep on the skin. It is recommended to apply it at night, after which the skin starts glowing.

The best part is that this serum is perfect for dry, normal, combination, oily and sensitive skin types. It contains natural ingredients like Gingko Biloba, Seaweed, Licorice Root.

Dress for mom

This Mother’s Day, you can make your inspiration, your mother happy by giving her a special ensemble from Aashiyana Couture. Her Women’s Day collection is exclusive of delicate fabrics, embellished silhouettes and intricate embroidery. This includes ag gowns, elegant shararas, pant suits and Indo western clothing. Another highlight of this collection is that it is perfect for ladies of all ages. With lovely colors and beautiful cuts, this collection can become your mom’s first choice. Her clothing pieces in colors like Mint Green, Ivory, Sunshine Yellow have a gorgeous look. With textiles like organza, muslin, this collection represents Indian silhouettes and diffusion wear.

Healthy gift hamper

This chocolate overload gift hamper is special to make your mom’s day special on Mother’s Day. It is packed in eco friendly paper tray. This hamper features Chocolate Coated Almonds, Center Filled Cookies, Roasted Almonds and Velvety Milk Chocolate. There will also be a Mother’s Day card of a picture, which is personalized. Your mom might love this gift hamper as it also comes with a healthy almond and a personalized picture, which is a favorite of moms-to-be. This gift hamper is available on

Jewelery – Diamond Ear Rings

If you really want to give something very special to your mother, then another great option is Precious Jewellery. You can gift them gold or diamond jewelery of their choice. With Kalyan Jewelers you will find many options of their favorite. You must know whether your mother likes rings or ear rings. In such a situation, you can make them feel special by gifting them the jewelery of their choice.

Kandima Maldives Vacation

Your mom has always been doing something different for you, fighting for you. So why not do something different for them this time. Do something for them that will give them a break from their monotonous life. You take them to Kandima Maldives for a relaxing holiday. Here’s a special itinerary for Mother’s Day. With fun activities and specially curated programs your mom will always remember these days. The breakfast here is also superb and so is the resort stay. On Mother’s Day there is also an evening art class by Kool Art Studio with a tropical flowers and leaves painting theme.

Lavazza Blue Compact Coffee Machine

It is a classy, ​​compact, stylish and sleek espresso machine that will relieve your mom’s fatigue in a jiffy. It has 3 coffee selections, automatic and programmable. Whether you want a classic espresso or a long espresso, it’s also easy to choose. Its large capsule collection tray can hold 9 used capsules. It is also very beautiful in appearance due to being in acrylic material and blue color.


When your mom is very tired, obviously she needs a massage so that she can feel relaxed. In such a situation, a massager can help them and relieve them from muscle soreness, neck stiffness, cervical fatigue. It has built-in infrared advanced soothing heat function to improve blood circulation.

Personalized mug

Although this is a very common gift but always very much liked. This is because you can get the mother personalized according to you. If you want, you can print a photo of yourself and your mother or any of her favorite coats and gift them. Not only this, a special message can also be printed on it for your mother. The special thing is that now these ceramic mugs available are microwave and dishwasher safe too.

Rose water

It is 100% natural rose water, with ten rose petals in each drop. Best for your mom, who can leave her skin feeling hydrated and relaxed after every spray. It is made from premium organic Shatpatri Gulab, which is also mentioned in Ayurveda. This authentic ayurvedic extract is made from Kalpana Process. To make your mom’s skin beautiful, you can give it to her as a gift.

Theme jewelery

The relationship between mother and child is different and special, so why not give them something special this time on Mother’s Day. Something that will always be with them and they feel happy seeing. What can be better than jewellery, which is as timeless as their love. You can gift your mom with jewelery from Awama Jewelers’ Mother’s Day collection. The collection has special jewelery like Heart Charm Bracelet, Heart Pendants Key to Your Heart Symbols. If you want, you can also take matching mother-daughter necklace or any other theme based jewelery for gift.

Bottom line

If you want to make your mom feel special on Mother’s Day, then it is important that you make her day special. Give them some such gifts that all their tiredness goes away and a smile comes on their lips.