Find out if you should get Nalco Share today. Is Nalco’s Stock Target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 Growth? This article covers all of them. 8% dividend yield, 51% stake with the government, is this stock in your portfolio?

Nalco Share Price Target Tomorrow

How Much Will NALCO Industries’ Share Price Target Go In 2023?

The demand for aluminium and metal is going to increase in the coming days. Product Price and Sales Growth can be seen increasing in the coming days due to increasing demand. National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) Divided Yield above 8% is a good sign. If you keep it for the long term, then you can get benefits from both the Stock Price Returns and dividends.

If we talk about the price target for 2023, that target will be 97, and if we talk about other targets, it could go up to around 110.

What Is Nalco Industries’ 2024 Stock Price Target?

In the coming time, a country like China is going to invest in sectors like 75 billion dollar infrastructure, if this happens then a company like Nalco will directly benefit the most. If Nalco P/E is compared to its Sector P/E Ratio, then it is quite low. Demand for Electric vehicles is going to increase a lot in future, in this also the demand for accustomed products like Aluminum is going to increase.

For 2024, that goal will be 150, and for other goals, it could go up to about 160.

What Is Nalco Industries’ 2025 Stock Price Target?

Along with Aluminum Manufacturing and Sales, the company also does this work on Wind Power Projects. This company is listed not only on NSE and BSE but also on London Metal Exchange. Company Finacial is quite strong. With the company’s net profit and sales growth, the company has been doing good work for 35 years. The biggest thing is that the company is absolutely debt free, so it appears to be the most positive thing about a company. If you look at the Nalco Share Price now, it is available at a very cheap price.

Speaking of Nalco’s 2025 stock price target, that target will be 460, and if we talk about other targets, it could go up to around 470.

What Is Nalco Industries’ 2030 Stock Price Target?

First of all, it is a Government Under Company; above all, the Stock Return and Dividend figures of government-owned companies are very good, so investors often get attracted to such companies. Even if Nalco Share Price has fallen, EPS Growth is looking Stable. Nalco Future Target Price also looks good considering the future growth in Infrastructure in India.

If we talk about Nalco share price Target for 2030, then its first target comes out to be 1600 and if we talk about the second target, then it can go up to about 2000.

Should We Buy Nalco Industries Shares Or Not?

Rakesh Zunzunwala, who is called Warren Buffett of India, also used to invest in this Nalco Stock, from this you can imagine how good a company it would be. The company is the lowest-cost producer of aluminium and bauxite in Puri India (as per Wood Mackenzie report). If you are looking for low Zero Risk Investment or a stock with low risk, then this is a great share for you. The company gives a good Divided Yield. The company is almost a debt-free company. Profit growth is also very good. Liquidity is Strong in the company.

What Are The Risk Factors In NALCO Industries Share?

Equity returns of the last few years are very low.

Sales Growth has decreased for some period.


If you want to invest in this, then you should consult your financial advisor and then think about it.