Former Australia cricketer Shane Warne’s heart now falls on Australian actress Margot Robbie. Robbie played Harley Quinn in the Mahsuur Hollywood film Suicide Squad. Now Warne is doing everything possible to impress the star, Margot. Warne does not hesitate to show his love and admiration for the star on social media. It is learned that Warne is recently liking all the social posts made by actress Margot. He is also commenting on them as well. The 51-year-old cricketer recently wrote words of praise for the 30-year-old actress on social media.

Sources reveal that Shane Warne has been spending time influencing Margate for a long time. He keeps trying to somehow find Margate’s answer. Fans feel that Warne is floored on Margate, hence liking every post of his. Sources reveal that Warne has suggested Margate’s name for the film to be made on her life. Margret will play the role of Shane Warne’s first wife Simone Kalhan in this biopic. During this, both will also get a chance to spend time together.

Shane has previously said in an interview that he sees a glimpse of his first wife Simone in Margate. Margate is quite famous in Australia anyway. If she comes in the film, it could be a big hit.

Warne has been in controversy before because of his affairs. Her name has been associated with many actresses and models.