Let Us Know What Will Be Written In Place Of Husbands Or Father’s Name In The Soon Be Changed In Aadhar Card And What Is The Reason For This Change?

Usually, Aadhar Card Is In The Form Of An Identity Card That Reveals Our Identity Of People, Our Address And Some Of Our Relationships Like Father Or Husband’s Name. The Government Of India Has Kept The Aadhar Card As One Of The Best Identity Cards To Reveal Your Identity.

Not Only This, Aadhar Card Is Mainly Used From Applying Anywhere To Making Money Transactions In The Bank. But According To A Recent Expert, There Is Going To Be A Big Change In The Aadhar Card. Actually, Now Instead Of Husband’s Or Father’s Name, Care Of Will Be Written In The Aadhar Card. Let’s Know What The Full News Is.

Father And Husband’s Name Will Be Written “Care Off”

In The Aadhar Card, Now Instead Of Father And Husband, ‘Care Off’ Will Be Written, The Reason Behind This Is That Aadhar Card Can Reveal Your Identity But Cannot Decide Your Relationship. Along With This, Making Aadhar Card Has Also Been Made Very Easy. Recently, an applicant updated his family’s Aadhar card due to a change of address. It did not write about the relationship with the father but wrote about care.  Seeing This Written In The Aadhar Card, He Felt That It Was Done By Mistake, But Later When He Went To The Aadhar Center And Told About It, It Came To Know That From Now Onwards, Only Care Off Will Be Written On The Aadhar Card.

Supreme Court Took A New Decision

According To A Report, A Senior UIDAI Official Said That In The Year 2018, The Supreme Court’s Detailed Decision Regarding The Aadhaar Card Came. In that decision, people’s privacy was discussed, and on this basis, no relationship information was provided in the Aadhar card.  However, From Which Month Of The Year This Change Was Made, The Information About It Has Not Been Given By UIDAI Yet. Under This New Rule, The Applicant Cannot Give Anyone’s Name In The Care Off. You Can Also Get Your Aadhar Card Updated By Just Giving your Name And Address.

What Is Aadhar Card?

The Aadhar Card Is An ID Card Issued By The Indian Government To Indian Citizens. A 12-Digit Unique Number Is Given In The Aadhar Card And On The Basis Of That Number The Name And Address Of A Person Is Identified. India Post and UIDAI receive e-Aadhaar downloaded from the E-Aadhaar website are also valid.  However, Aadhar Card Is Only An Identity Card And It Is Not A Certificate Of Citizenship. Identity Is Also Decided On The Basis Of The Retina Of Your Eyes And Fingerprint In The Aadhar Card, Which Shows A Different Identity Of Everyone. Aadhar Card Is The World’s Largest Biometric ID System.

The Full Information About When This Big Change Will Be Seen In The Aadhar Card Is Not Yet Available, But It Can Prove To Be A Good Way To Maintain The Privacy Of Any Person.